Tuesday, February 13, 2007

There's Never a Good Time to go to the Post Office

I avoid the post office like the plague. I utilize click'n'ship and carrier package pick up whenever possible. Christmas presents to my international friends usually arrive sometime in June on one of my twice yearly treks to the post office.

Part of the problem is that I work and drive to work and have an hour lunch at work so 11 hours of my day is already committed. There's only Saturday and the one hour after work that the post office is open left to go. Another part of the problem is that 80 percent of people have my same schedule so they all decide to go at those exact same times.

I took yesterday off to run some errands. Oil change, in and out. Smog check, in and out. Hair cut, in and out. Post office...in and....I grab my number first thing and observe that I am number 43 and they are currently serving number 12. Then I observe that they don't put their customs forms out, so I'll have to go up to the counter on my turn to fill them out. (the replacements I ordered to keep at home hadn't arrived yet, believe me I know all the tricks for saving time at the post office). Then I realize that I forgot the address I needed to mail my passport to get extra pages added. So I walk out.

I'll have to try to go later this week. What is your post office like?


~ jen ~ said...

Our post office is very much like you desribed. We HAVE to go there, though, because we have a P. O. Box for our mail (like bills and financial stuff). Luckily, the lobby area is open 24/7, so I can swing by after hours to pick up our mail. SO COOL! No one is ever there, so I walk in and out.

I order all my postage online! I love click-n-ship and carrier pickup, too!

Lisa said...

Our Post Office is usually not very busy. It is a pain to get packages though. You have to go at a specific time and usually you go and end up waiting for 30min for that person. But good old fashion snail mail is fine--usually in and out. It's nice.

Amy said...

As long as you don't have to stand in line, it's cool!

I remember the Mongolian post office! Didn't we have to wait for someone so I could buy my souvenirs?

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