Monday, February 5, 2007

I Got it on eBay

I'm not crazy about the silly ads for ebay on television...this much is true.

However, I am crazy about ebay. Or at least I used to be. It seems they are constantly finding some way to irritate me, but for the most part, I am still able to get a great deal there.

Including the fab necklace I am wearing today that I get oh so many compliments on.

Maybe it's a little embarrassing to tell the girl behind the sandwich counter that I got it on ebay, when she asks. But maybe not, because if it was possible, I would probably buy everything on ebay if I could. I don't trust buying things like electronics, but I have bought jewelry, clothes, dvds, games for my playstation 2, cds, books, make-up, perfume, magazine subscriptions, a karaoke machine, and many other wonders on ebay.

And I've unloaded some stuff there as well.

So I love it, I hate it, but whatever the case....if you ask where I got the necklace I'm wearing today, I'll say....I got it on ebay.

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