Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Conference Room

Slowly, but surely, I hear the steady hum of voices next to me start to rise. Pretty soon, it's an all out battle. I hear her desperation. I hear him try to calm her. And then the voices return to normal.

THHUUUMP! What's that? What's going on over there? She's starting to get upset again. Her tone is sharp and his is patronizing.

This is the daily drama of being located right next door to a conference room. It's rarely empty, there is always a steady flow of people using it from all over the campus. They freeze me out, they startle with me with their noise, and sometimes they interrupt my "confidential" tutoring sessions because they just have to know what's going on behind that door.

I should write a book about it. Maybe I could pen the next hit horror flick and call it "The Conference Room." I'm sure it would be a blockbuster.

(I am also considering a children's book about crickets who live in a bathroom)


~ jen ~ said...

I vote for the "Crickets Behind My Potty" by Amy, illustrated by jen :-)

I'm not really a big fan of horror movies, anyhow. If you decided to have one made, I would be a brave girl and see it, though.

Amy said...


Yes! Back to our glory days! Just like the superhero dog! I still have that book you know. Thanks again and so many years later for helping me with it.

~ jen ~ said...

I remember that book, too! For Creative Writing, wasn't it? WOW! That seems like it was ages ago!!!!

And as always, you're welcome!

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