Wednesday, October 25, 2006

World Series Fever

I am still in World Series Fever, loving the Cardinals all the more because they came into the series with everyone expecting them to lose and hoping for them to lose.
I love me a good underdog! (Last year's Seattle Seahawks, American Idol's Taylor Hicks..)

This article made me laugh. I'm finished for now.


~ jen ~ said...

One more win to go! If tonight's game doesn't get rained out, tonight is THE night!

Seriously, you'd think it was Oregon over here, its been raining so much....

Great STL today article; people really DO get into the superstition stuff, too.


Amy said...

Last night's game was so fun! Edge of your seat exciting...which is something for baseball. :-) I hope they win it all tonight!

~ jen ~ said...

Everyone expected the Cards to lose and be a disgrace for making to the World Series and LOSING AGAIN. Well HA HA HA HA! We've waited long enough, and they finally did it. How do you like the new stadium, now?! It is soooo much the sweeter!

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