Friday, October 20, 2006

Cardinal Love

Last night I realized that I don't follow sports any more for a reason. I would have serious ulcers.

Seriously, how exciting was that game last night between the Mets and the Cardinals?

For anyone who has ever lived in St. Louis, (which I did for many years, it's my hometown) there's something that keeps that loyalty to the Cardinals firmly intact. I spent many a summer evening at the old Busch stadium cheering on the Cards. All good memories, lots of red, good friends, fun times. I was ecstatically dancing about last night when Molina hit his home run, and then chewing my nails off when the Mets appeared to be making a comeback in the bottom of the ninth. But they didn't.

And now a World Series for the Cardinals! I'm just hoping they make a better showing than last time!


~ jen ~ said...

All of StL is buzzing about the Cardinals! I don't care much for sports, but THIS has gotten my attention, you get swept into the frenzy with everyone else.

And what better way to break in a brand new ballpark than with a World Series!!!!!!!! Our tax dollars at work, HELLOOOOOOO!

GO CARDS!!!!!!

Amy said...

Yikes!! What happened last night? I'm glad the tax dollars are going to get good use when the Cardinals go back to st. louie and finish this off!! (wishful thinking? :-)

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