Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'm 100 today!

Hello folks and welcome to my 100th blog post! This is a very exciting day indeed! I can't believe I finally made it here, and I have a few people I would like to thank.
Jen, for being the first person to ever post a comment.
And the rest of you who have ever posted a comment and joined in the discussion of my life!
And, uhhh..any lurkers just for reading!

Now, in the spirit of what this blog is about...my random life....I have a few observations I would like to make today.

1) The building I work in is infested with crickets. It's true. I am always finding the nasty little things jumping about. And when you walk in the door, you have your own personal orchestra greet you. It's er, lovely.

2) The bathroom in this building has developed an awful smell that is not only not going away, but getting worse everyday. I'm not sure what happened, I used to feel the bathroom was kept quite clean. Now, I'm considering buying some room freshener for it, so I can stand to use it.

3) Considering I am only working with about 24 employees right now, they have an abnormal amount of PTO and training it seems. I haven't had 100 percent attendance for a very long time. I seriously think I had one student transfer to third shift to avoid coming here.

And that's about it for today folks! Thanks for reading, and please come back for another great 100 posts!


Cursief Huigje said...


kathryn said...

yay, Amy! keep bloggin', girl!

your random observations are cute! . . crickets and stinky washrooms!!

Mindy said...

Yay Amy! You inspire me! I want to have 100 posts some day. I better get crackin!

~ jen ~ said...

I'm glad I was first to post! It gives me a good feeling! Congratulations! Come round for dinner to celebrate someday?

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