Monday, July 17, 2006

Music Swims Back To Me

I love rediscovering old music that I used to love. It's like meeting up with an old friend. This past weekend I started going through all the stuff I've collected in the last few years in attempts to get ready to go overseas again. (Shawn, my ex co-workers sudden departure to get a full time job in Ireland has inspired me) I popped in a Counting Crows cd...and seriously it was like opening a letter from a dear friend from my past.
I just sang my heart out. It was a good time. Now I can't stop listening to it, and I know the music, in that wonderful and mysterious way music does, will record and store memories from this fragile phase of my life so that when I hear it in the future, it will be wonderful all over again.


~ jen ~ said...

You've got to be joking!!! Saturday I found my Counting Crows tape, August and Everything After, and popped it in while driving to work! What a strange coincidence, Amy! Ha! I love it!!!!!

And remember how our notes in school always contained quotes from a song we listened to that morning in the car? I found (a while ago)some of your notes to me, and I love reading over them. We must have been hilarious, in a not-so-funny sort of way. I'll have to copy a few and mail them. You'll get a laugh, I'm sure.

BTW, I am the Rain Queen :-P

kathryn said...

ahh, music really is the best time machine! I have a fondness for 60s and 70s music. . takes me right back to my childhood and teen years!!!

Amy said...

Jen....that's the craziest coincidence ever!! Ok, maybe not ever, but it's weird.

I bet those notes reveal a whole new level of nerdiness to me. :) we were crazy!!!!!!! enjoy the counting crows flashbacks, though!

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