Wednesday, July 19, 2006

And then there was one....(again)

Well, I alluded to this in the other post, but Shawn has left for greener pastures. I mean, I definitely think they are much much greener. It has to rain a lot more in Ireland that it does here. He called from the motherland last week to say he wasn't coming back. Like some sort of fairy tale, he met his new boss while he was out drinking one night in the land of leprechauns and he got offered a job that pays more than this one and pays in euros.
He was over the moon.
I'm still stuck here, juggling two students at once and fielding questions about what happened to Shawn in a dreary re-run from last fall when Thong quit without notice.
So here I am, with a load of disgruntled students on my hands, getting baked daily in the California heat (I swear, I actually burnt my hand on my steering wheel today!), and miles to go before I sleep.
So that's what's up with me. How about you?


Mindy said...

You had a co-worker named Thong!!! That's so funny! Let me see that Thong! Thong, tha thong, thong thong!

Strangly, Kansas has been hotter than Georgia. I'm thinking the heat wave is coming though. Ugh. yay for AC.

~ jen ~ said...

We had some horrible storms come through Wenesday night, and power over much of St louis and the metro-east is out. And with hot hot hot temps and humidity, and many without AC, it may get dangerous...

At home, fortunately, our power has been restored (duh, i'm using the computer). I was called and informed to not show up for work yesterday, due to power being out. In a grocery store, its bad news. Just think of all the open refrigerated cases in the grocey stores, and all that food going bad... the waste, and the SMELL. It's going on 44 hours now. I showed up this morning to see what was going on, and the SMELL! Ugh! Still no power, but I am required to show up'll be a long, dark and smelly 8 hours. Please pray for my sanity and safety (and my sense of smell may be ruined forever)!!!!

kathryn said...

it's been very hot and humid here in Canada. . though tons of rain and now it's cooled. . we're in the 20s now (that's Celsius, don't worry!) I hate hot and humid. . Went to a wedding today that was supposed to be outdoors at a farm! but it got rained out. . they were sooo disappointed, me too - i've never been to a farm wedding. it was beautiful anyway. They gave our evergreen seedlings as gifts to everyone.

Amy said...

Hi Kat! Thanks for stopping by! yeah, I live in inland southern California, where it (supposedly) got to 120 this weekend. Blech!

Mindy--yes Thong. (but you don't pronounce the H) His name means underwear or sandal. :-)

Jen--YIKES!! I heard about STL, but I didn't think about grocery stores. I hope you survive, I'm definitely praying for your sanity!

Kathryn...bummer about the wedding. a farm wedding sounds beautiful. bummer about the humidity, but I miss summer rain.

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