Saturday, April 29, 2006

Favorite Saturdays #3

Favorite Saturdays #3

Non-American English speakers putting on an American accent.

It's truly funny. Have you ever noticed how horrible the American accent sounds when they try? Ha. (except of course the more trained actors and such)


Lisa said...

I totally agree! I just try not to laugh when I hear. Or when people are learning English and they try to use American curse words or slang and it just sounds horrible. The teens here in Mongolia try it and it's the funnest thing. I laugh every time I think about it. It's so stunted or just not there.
I'm sure I sound equally bad when I try to use Mongolian slang so I can't be too hard on them.

Mindy said...

What the heck is the eddyhill thing? I was reading it and I thought he was imitating a bad accent w/ all the CAPPED words. 1/2 way thru I realized it was a commercial!

Amy said...

aargh!!! I haven't had blog spam in so long!!! and what do they mean a real college degree??? tfc doesn't count??

i'd like to hear you speak some Mongolian cuss words Lisa!! :-)

~ jen ~ said...

BLOG SPAM....eewww! Nowhere is safe. Sorry I have no "real" comment about this post, other than I am reminded of Shirley.

Amy said...


I know what you mean about Shirley. I still love to use the bad English I picked up from her. LIke..."who's him?" it's so cute.

this post was thinking about my South African friends who are misunderstood here in the states and sometimes have to resort to using an "american" accent to be understood, particulary when ordering through a drive-thru. it sounds TERRIBLE from them, but then, they speak such lovely proper English normally!!

Chaotic Hammer said...

Amy - Not sure if you check your comments this far back, but the solution to "comment spam" is to enable the Word Verification thing on Blogger.

Some people don't like the extra step of typing the little random letters in the box when they comment, but it's not that big of a deal. It keeps "bots" (automated programs) from seeking out the "Comments" links and automatically typing spam on them.

If it gets really bad, you can even moderate all comments (i.e. you have to approve them before they show up), but that's a pretty big hassle and really impedes the flow of conversations.

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