Friday, April 28, 2006

Donut Duty

I had donut duty today. Shawn informed me last week that it was--without a shadow of a doubt--my turn to get donuts. He insisted. I wasn't really buying it. After all, I never asked him to get donuts. In fact, most times, I quite wished he wouldn't since I see it as an unneccessary temptation. Plus, I don't really understand why we always get a dozen donuts when there are only two of us. Finally, though, I conceded. He had, after all, been buying the Friday donuts for the past 6 months.

So I thanked Jesus that the traffic was light today. (reason number one I never get donuts, I am usually rolling into the parking lot at 7:55) Once I got to Corona, I had to decide which donut shop to get the donuts at. Donut shops abound in Southern California. Trust me. Almost every strip mall has a donut shop. They all look a lot alike, DONUTS in big letters with some distinguishing name in tiny letters in front. Once I decided on one fairly close to work, I went in to get my donuts. There were way too many choices. I tried to remember the ones Shawn said I had to get, and then randomly picked some others. I brought them to work, rather proud of myself for finally getting the donuts. Shawn opened up the box and laughed....
"they're all the same donut!" he said. I looked and sure enough....glazed, and chocolate covered donuts in either traditional donut shape, bars or twists.
I think I'm permanently off donut duty now. (give me a virtual five!)


Mindy said...

Nice job!

~ jen ~ said...

What is the huge thing with donut days?! Everyone seems to have one at their workplaces.....why not have a "Show-Up-Late-to-Work-Because-I-Slept-in-and-And-Ate-a-Big-Breakfast-At-Home Day"? I think that sort of occassion would be more widely and enthuiastically accepted.

Amy said...

I heartily agree. I would enthusiastically support such a day!!

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