Saturday, July 9, 2005

Strange Changes

Hurrah for summer vacation!! Well this is my summer vacation of sorts. I am not getting paid, but oh well, life moves on. One week to try to cram a bunch of stuff in. fun, fun, fun.

Today I helped my former boss-turned-friend organizing a bunch of stuff she's responsible for as the administrator for the estate of a friend that has passed away. It's an amazing heap of papers, and I found (this is totally gross) used q-tips in one of the files. So you can imagine this is a huge job. I have a box of files in my car to organize at my leisure. ha. I will probably try to get it done ASAP, so that I can enjoy more of my week. So that would be strange change number one. Me, yes, me Amy , organizing on my day off. For those of you reading this who have ever been my roommates/flatmates...well I know it's hard to believe. It's a new gift that I'm discovering I can tolerate. Not love. Tolerate.

Strange change number two. I drive a very old car that has been through it with accident, a move across the country, a non-functional transmission (grr.....), and of course at present a non-functioning air conditioner in SoCal not so far from the desert. Um, yeah. And the change (bad luck with cars is no change) is that I actually like the heat....I actually, yes, sometimes, enjoy driving with the windows up in the toaster oven car. Strange....who am I? (and don't you dare get that Casting Crowns song in your head)

Strange change number three....I have written in this blog three times this week. Shocker.

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