Sunday, July 10, 2005

Oh, the sadness of life. I was just looking at some far more intelligent blogs, and realizing this one borders on....well, boring.

Unfortunately, I don't really like to put my controversial thoughts on theology, society, politics, psychology, work, etc. out there as much as I used to. It's a hard job to walk the fine line between merely sharing your personal convictions and persuading someone else that well, you're right. lol.

I have discovered that the blog is a wonderful way to procrastinate. Praise Jesus for the internet. It can be a wonderful thing. I have met some really really lovely people through the internet, found countless jobs, (ok, two) located hard to find items, (ebay is God's gift to the bargain hunter and collector) stayed in touch with old friends, (ok not very well...ouch don't throw anything!), booked cheap airline tickets, found 24 spoilers, viewed pictures of my friends babies, found movie times, volunteered at different places...all because of the internet.

Of course, everyday people find themselves enslaved to it as well. Pornography, gambling, eating disorders, online affairs, it can be a bad thing too. Nothing's perfect.

But the main thing's a great way to procrastinate. Which is what I'm doing right now.....but no more....have a nice day. And don't forget to buy White Flag this Tuesday where smart Christian music is sold near you.

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