Thursday, August 21, 2014

Chit Chat

*I saw this interesting post about diversity on tumblr the other day and thought it was worth a brief discussion. It's actually something I think about especially when the topic comes up that there's a lack of representation --like recently, and forgive me for not having the link, there was a discussion about how there are only white gay men on TV. First of all yes I think this is a very valid point and there are a lot of points to be made about the lack of experiences being depicted on television for gay men, the questions surrounding why there are a lot more LGBTQ female characters, etc. But whenever this discussion comes up, I do feel a little bitter because there was a show tackling a storyline like this with gay African American men on the CW and no one was watching. No one was even talking about it! And it was a good show, really entertaining, etc. So it's frustrating to hear the idea that these shows don't exist because sometimes they do, it's just that no one is watching. (DON'T misunderstand, I don't think one show is good enough I'm just pointing out that it's up to us to watch what IS there or at least talk about it)

On the other hand, I totally get where the original poster is coming from and I think we can all agree that in a perfect world we wouldn't have to ask for diversity it would just exist. But I like that this discussion takes what makes a bestseller into consideration! Anyway worth a read, I haven't checked anything that's been added to the conversation since I reblogged it (oh the woes of tumblr) but check it out!

*What do you guys think of the ALS Ice Bucket challenge? To be honest, I watched a few videos before I understood what was going on which I don't know if that means the first people I watched did a good job or not. But I think it's lovely to be honest, this summer has been filled with such hard news and difficult times and there's something very humanizing about famous people dumping buckets of freezing water over their heads. And it IS for a good cause, it's sparked conversation and money for ALS. I know it's been met with some backlash, as anything that deals with money is and I do think John Green hit the nail on the head when he talked about limited resources. We all know there's only so much charity to go around do we really want to funnel it to ALS? (I'm not sure I agree with him on everything--yes there are limited resources but I doubt very many people have actually reached that point yet) But I think it's the absolute perfect awareness raising venture for our social media, ADD times...and it ultimately is about thinking about others and developing empathy. Have people been attention seeking etc? Sure maybe but look that's life and that's humanity. Nothing is perfect let's just enjoy the little bit of kindness and other-thinking we find, okay? And if you are interested I giffed the big names in ice dance participating..Scott Moir's was my hands down favorite it was just so funny and cute and the first time I watched it unexpected!

*Speaking of giffing, ever since I told you I learned how, I've been doing a fair bit. I think that there's something very interesting about the way tumblr works, that is sort of troublesome? In a way, I like that I can make something and post it and tag it and then people who are interested will find it. (unlike blogging where I post about something I like but no one cares and crickets) But it's like the ultimate experience in not needing to have relationships and just having everything streamlined to your taste. I don't know, I need to think more about it, I guess. I'm just getting old, y'all.

*I won't link to everything I've made and bore you to tears, but I do want to link to this TWD set I made because I'm proud of took a long time, I had to learn how to subtitle the gifs etc. but before I knew how I always wanted someone to gif this because it's my favorite thing Danai has ever said about Michonne. It's just so smart and interesting and sometimes I just wish there was more ~smart or academic talk about TWD? It has so much going on and a lot of it is really interesting. I don't know working on this made me think a lot about Michonne and her katana and her relationship with the governor etc. So!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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