Thursday, November 14, 2013

War & Peace Carnival December 26--December 31, 2013

We made it through a year of War & Peace and we want to celebrate! Even if you didn't finish the book or you finished ahead of time or you read it 25 years ago, we want you to celebrate with us at the War & Peace carnival.

From the week of December 26-31, we hope you'll post about something relating to War & Peace and the country it takes place in. This can be anything! You could make a Russian recipe, watch one of the movie versions of War & Peace and review it, review another Tolstoy book, review a Russian restaurant, read and review a nonfiction book that takes place during the time period, write a poem celebrating the fact that you finished (or couldn't!) anything! We hope it will be a fun time!

You can post anytime during that week and link back up here or at Iris's site. (we'll both be hosting the same Linky so no worries, everyone will see your link!) We'll also remind you again closer to the time, but we wanted to give you plenty of time to plan something out.

Hope you participate and enjoy the final sections of War & Peace!


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