Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Stuff! TWD! Books! Olympics!


So after I write a nice gushy post about The Walking Dead the show goes and does the stupidest thing ever and has two back-to-back episodes centered on the Governor?? I mean I'm assuming that next week is all Governor, too. And wow. What a way to kill momentum. And objectively speaking there was nothing wrong with the episode. I even saw some fantastic parallels on tumblr, etc (after I got over the shock that anyone cared enough to make anything from the episode) but ugh. I liked him fine as a character last year, but HE KILLED ANDREA. Also, they should have just finished his storyline. Oh well. The only good thing to come of it was the return of this man:

Anyway, it's kind of interesting because I also just recently watched the webisodes that the show puts out to sort of...I don't know gauge how the spin-off might go? Like the webisodes are independent stories and pretty good ones at that. They each spotlight a different set of characters and decisions after the outbreak. I liked them a lot. And this episode could kind of be seen as the same thing since we were introduced to new characters who have nothing to do with Rick and co. But ugh it was so boring!! I don't know if my Governor hatred was just clouding my vision or what, but ugh. I really felt nothing for any of them and also didn't appreciate the return of an annoying child on my TV screen. Carl is finally interesting and so now he's been replaced by a new annoying child. Sigh.

Anyway, it's a really weird momentum killing decision in my opinion. Like, we basically will have one episode left with the characters we love before another loooong hiatus.

Bookish Stuff

I've been meaning to link to this forever, but Courtney Summers (fabulous author you all should read her books!) wrote the best post about writing for girls. Reactions to girls and female characters in general are really interesting to me.

I'm reading stuff! I meant to have a book finished for A More Diverse Universe (Aarti I'm so sorry!) but I will still finish the book and post about it. I have a little bit of time for reading right now and it feels good.

The Casey Award Finalists have been announced. Lol, I love that there are enough books about baseball published a year for it to have its own award, and I mean I know that this list does not include every book about baseball published this year! Also, I hope/dream to read several baseball books this offseason and I'm really looking forward to it! Feel free to drop me recs!

Speaking of Baseball and Sports...

MLB is finally introducing instant replay/challeges but it's odd to me? Like, I don't actually follow any other sports so I'm not sure how they do it, but each team will get two challenges but if they are wrong on their first challenge they lose the right to the second? I mean it's not as if two challenges is that many and would be time consuming! I watched a few of the Arizona Fall League games where they were testing the system out and it all ran very smoothly and quickly! Anyway, still needs to be approved by a few groups, but it's a welcome change!

Also, the Winter Olympics are coming and I kind of wanted to follow along with the trials and whatever and be like really into the games when they happened, but apparently there's not a really good centralized place keeping up with things. I'm always amazed when the blogosphere fails me to be honest. So instead, I guess I'm devoting my time to figure skating (which I like best anyway) which has turned into a huge project because I forgot to pay attention to the sport for about ten years. And lol WOW IT CHANGED A LOT. Anyway, prettyyy sure I'll be writing a massive post reminiscing about figure skating of yesteryear in the days to come...I lost a few hours of my life watching all my old favorite programs on youtube the other day. Yay for youtube, though! It's like a time capsule!

Which brings me back to books! Any good winter Olympic book recs? I think it would be fun to compile a list. I know these kinds of books are hard, because well biography and memoir are always hit or miss, but there's got to be something, right?

Hope you are all having splendid weeks! Is anyone planning to see Catching Fire straight away?


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