Sunday, October 20, 2013

World Series Survey!

The St. Louis Cardinals are my team. Apparently, they are now also a hated team. This is hilarious to me. Sports fans are so weird.

Anyway, they made it to the World Series! I'm so excited! I wanted to do some kind of pool...but it was wayyyy too complicated and also I don't even know if very many of you like baseball. For all I know, fifty percent of you hate the Cardinals.

ANYWAY, this is just a fun World Series survey I threw together to celebrate my team making it to the World Series, yay! If your team is the Red Sox, boo. Just kidding. Sort of. 2004 still hurts, though.

Anyway, this is for fun, please fill it out!! I'll post the summary of predictions before the Series starts! Not by name, but generalized.

Yay! and Go Cards! :D


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