Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Walking Dead 4x02--Infected

When you care about people, hurt is kinda part of the package.

Wow, I really loved this episode? I think it's because there were so many great character moments and I'm starting to believe that more careful characterization is going to be a part of this season. I also love how there are sort of multiple threats going on.

Anyway here goes:

*I was already like 100 percent Karen was going to die from previews. I won't discuss them further but this came as no surprise to me. The way she died was a surprise, though. I didn't expect her to be murdered. Wow. I really liked that revelation, that someone is actively trying to protect the rest of them by eliminating what they see as the threat ASAP. It kinda sucks this was largely done for Tyreese's character development, but oh well. Better to get it out of the way quickly--a lot of the newbies are falling flat especially if I know they haven't been signed on for long, lol.

*I'm sad for Rick...that he's having to give up his farming dream, but I'm also glad that hasn't dragged on forever. Rick is just..smarter than that? He quickly assesses that survival has become more important and so he has to help out more. But god, that scene where he slaughtered the pigs for the zombies was heartbreaking, as he's sacrificing the new life he was trying to grow. (and very nicely shot and done) The scene where he's wiping the blood off his face...just ahhhh.

*Michonne and Judith, omg. So Michonne has lost a child. :( I thought everything, EVERYTHING about that scene was so well done and so fitting and perfect for Michonne. Danai really sold it, too. I love how she was so tough and then just let herself absolutely break down with Judith in her arms.

*CAROL. Omg, I love how tough she's made herself and how absolutely driven she is to make sure no other child ends up in the situation Sophia did. I love that she flat out tells Lizze(?) that she's weak. I liked how she tried to plant the idea in Carl not to tell his father, she's willing to play on Carl's ruthless/pragmatic side in order to continue to be able to teach the children. I she was willing to let those girls kill their father...that just shows how far they've come in my opinion. Carol's first priority is survival in very sharp contrast to Rick trying to protect the innocence of his children.

*Daryl seemed a little afloat, but I did enjoy his moment with Carol.

*Glenn wasted film on a picture of Maggie sleeping?

*Is it just my imagination or is the show gorier than ever? I don't really mind so much because a lot of it is...I don't know, fakey to me, but stuff like that zombie's eyeball and the guts sliding out when that dude stood up...IDK.

*I want more Sasha? I don't know if it's just because the actress is so pretty, but I'd like to see more of her. I feel like all we know about her is that she's tough and capable. I'm a little worried they will off her since we aren't getting much to hold on to.

*I was impressed with how quickly they figured out the infection! And I love love love this conflict, it's terrifying. Share your thoughts with me!!


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