Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Few Links and Thoughts on TV This Week

The Walking Dead is back tonight, y'all! Yay!

Also, PSA, Link TV is running a marathon of Borgen Season 1 starting on Valentine's Day (so the episodes will be online) as well one of season 2 starting the 21st. Don't miss you chance to watch this great show! (still no word on Season 3)

Two links about Beyonce's Superbowl performance (differing takes). To be honest, I'm boring and I really don't care about Beyonce (this is not my normal style of music), but I do enjoy reading cultural critique like this. It's interesting.

The Books Smugglers sort of hated Gone Girl which was surprising to me. I don't agree with their take, though I do agree the characters are all unlikeable. But to me the book was thought provoking in interesting ways and culturally relevant. But hey to each their own! (I was surprised most of the commenters hadn't read the book I expected more lively discussion, but then again I was too lazy to respond, so hey)

I feel like very few new YA books make it on my radar lately, but I do want to read The Madman's Daughter so I was glad to see this positive review at Bookshelves of Doom.

Ana and Renay engaged in a lengthy discussion about the Lizzie Bennett Diaries. I don't watch them, but maybe if I manage to read Pride & Prejudice this year I will.

My post about the future of TV was right on target apparently since like every TV blog/publication I read discussed the same ideas in the last week. I think Jace Lacob expressed my own thoughts best:

The intellectual catharsis that comes from having a break between serialized installments isn’t necessary here as a result, and that has its benefits and its flaws. There is a distinct difference between gorging and slowly savoring a meal. Part of my enjoyment comes from a parceled examination of the content at hand, whether that be an exquisite plate of food, precisely crafted by a chef, or a segment of television.

For what it's worth, I watched the first episode of House of Cards and thought it was just okay. I might return to it eventually. Also an interesting read is this examination of the problems at NBC.

Also, Amelia Bedelia is 50 this year! ♥

Brief Thoughts on TV this Week

I really like The Americans. I didn't think I would when it started, but the pilot built its tension nicely. Sure there are problems and unwelcome tropes, but I am already interested and invested in the characters, I like that the show makes me feel the tension when they are trying to pull off a mission, I think it feels very 80s but not in any gaudy way. It's intriguing and interesting and I want to see what happens. The acting is also pretty great. So yeah I really like it.

You know I've really loved Beauty and the Beast all season, and I even welcomed Alex showing up because of the aim of the story but I feel like the execution was all off. Like Vincent was so thoughtless to Catherine and ugh. But I do like that Catherine went to be with her girlfriends after he showed up and made it clear she won't be his second choice. I liked all the themes of the storyline, but not the execution like I said. Also, lol, when Cat's friends assumed Vincent was abusive! I thought it was cute how they called him Ass the whole episode (and Vincent called himself one at the end of the episode--YES) and Cat eating ice cream and giving advice to the fictional police on TV was sooo adorable. I loved all the karaoke, too!

For some reason unknown to us all, I am enjoying TVD again. I loved all the little Lost-esque touches in this episode and I love Tyler/Caroline, so it was nice to see them again. I also loved Rebekah being a truth teller to Stefan which is part of why I enjoy them. There's no BS, no one pretending to be better than they are. This was actually the first episode where I could kind of see why they thought this cure storyline was a good and compelling storyline with everyone having different reasons for wanting it. I mean up to this point it was all about getting it for Elena, but now we know that everyone has their own agenda, that it's not actually all about Elena. Which is refreshing. Also, I think they are all wrong to assume that anyone will be able to take the cure and I'm personally hoping only one can.

As far as Nashville goes, I like Gunnar and Scarlett living together because that can't be good for long imo! I'm curious about the idea of Rayna and her label. I was so excited someone else was finally talking about Scarlett! But I'm wondering if she'll think about switching labels again now that she's also facing a divorce.

Juliette's storyline continues to please me. It's kind of amazing how one little word from Deacon sends her into a spiral of discontent with her life and desire to change her image. I didn't think her manager was wrong with what he said to Deacon either, and Juliette asking Deacon about what Rayna would do speaks volumes. And there is a striking difference--when Rayna needed to reinvent her sound she pursued the producer she wanted and fought her label. Because Rayna is already one hundred percent confident in who she is and she believes in her own worth. But Juliette doesn't have that same luxury in the same way and she still has a lot of self-doubt. So while she puts on a good outer performance, she's still really wondering if she's worthwhile. Sigh. I'd really love for the women on this show to interact more and I keep hoping it's coming.

Hope everyone has a great week! Hopefully I'll have a couple of reviews for you this week of two books I really enjoyed!


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