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TV: The Good Wife, Nashville, The Vampire Diaries

The Good Wife 4x10--Battle of the Proxies

I really liked the case and the way they had the two cases going on in two different counties this week, but...does that actually happen? I was a little fuzzy on how two different people could be tried for the same murder in two counties, but whatever.

I think the show wants us to think Kalinda killed Nick or at least guess she did, but I don't think she did. This was such a sloppy way to wrap up this storyline. There's subtlety and then there's bullshit and I think we all know what this was. I wish they cared more about Kalinda as a character and less about her as a their mysterious "James Bond" presence or whatever. What a disappointment.

Nashville 1x08 Where He Leads Me

I really liked this episode and I feel like we're inching closer to what should happen on this show. Part of why I enjoyed this episode, though, is because I LOVED LOVED LOVED "When the Right One Comes Along" the Striking Matches song they used. So pretty and poignant! And a good fit for the episode.

Even though I'm not a huge fan of some of the plots on this show (like Teddy's whole campaign), I do really care about Rayna, Juliette, and Scarlett. I think they are the core of the show and I really really really want for them to all know each other and for us to watch their relationships develop, because I'm a bit tired of seeing how their relationships with the men in their lives are all falling apart! And I do think that the tour might open up that door!

I'm starting to really feel for Scarlett. We are supposed to believe she is super talented but the guys in her life just can't handle it. It's not that I don't have sympathy for's never easy to like someone who doesn't like you back, but come on. Scarlett just got out of a long term relationship with a guy who was threatened by her talent and success. It's just kind of sad that Gunnar is sort of reacting the same way as Avery did. I did like that Hailey got to tell him it what he said was possessive and weird about her interfering with this relationship with Scarlett. I also like that once she owned up to how she was feeling, she ended it. So far there's not a lot of stuff in the relationships I can't handle on this show, as they seem well designed for purposes of character. I guess it's kind of interesting as well that Avery's path to success and Scarlett's kind of parallel in that Avery keeps having to make concessions and do things he doesn't want to do to establish his career, while doors just fall all over themselves to open for Scarlett.

I guess Rayna and Deacon's conversation about seeing what's next around the bend means they'll both be trying to move on. I don't feel much about Rayna's story this week, sadly. But I do like that she's considering the tour because yes!! we need Rayna/Juliette storylines! And now that we know who these women are, we'll be more interested in watching it. Deacon is the only guy on this show I halfway care about and I really thought it was cool that band wanted him because of their recovery.

Which brings me to Juliette. I don't know why but I really have a thing for characters like Juliette. The conflict in her character is just so...compelling to me, I guess. And this week's story got me. I connect emotionally with the longing for family and belonging. And you know, it's not because I don't have one, but because I think it's so deeply human to want to be accepted and belong. I think most people experience a sense of being on the outside looking in even if there's no reason to.'s particularly sad that Sean has this church going family that are really stuck up and that despite everything still see Juliette as that problem girl. But you know what I love about Juliette is that she has complex motivations for her proposal (which was stupid) she was both unexpectedly charmed by his family when she thought they were sincere and also she can't stand being told she can't have something. So it was almost like a challenge when Sean's mother said it would never happen. Sean's commitment to sex after marriage will make his inevitable yes believable, I think. Anyway, I was reading an interview with Callie Khouri and she said this about Juliette and Sean, "I think it’s probably the first time she’s experienced being with somebody who just wants to be with her for herself." Which made me happy because it means my understanding of Juliette in these recaps has been right. Also, I was so sad when she bought those boots for Sean's sister like the guitar she bought for made me think of what Jason said a few weeks ago about how sometimes gift giving is this selfish thing where you are trying to get people to engage with you and that is Juliette. ugh I love her okay? She is the most interesting character of the new TV season to me. Oh and you know I was thinking back when Juliette was turning to Deacon for everything and I thought what she really needed was someone like Rayna, a real mother figure? I mean I still think it would be cool if that could somehow happen, but I actually think redemption in her relationship with her mother is going to be very important because of how tied it is to everything. At the moment Juliette wants to be anyone but who she is and when Sean's mother rejected her, she was like "we know all about you AND YOUR MOTHER" To be honest, no decent person would hold that against someone and that's something I think Juliette will eventually learn in a path to forgiving her mother. Their reasons for rejecting her are as superficial and shallow as the ways she normally finds acceptance. Owning her story--that's where she needs to go, in my opinion. Okay sorry for all the words about Juliette!

Finally! My favorite line of that song "When the Right One Comes Along" is a "a million moments full of sweet relief" gahhhhh. So pretty. Also, "you think you know what you're looking for, til what you're looking for finds you" ♥♥♥ Even though the singing on this show is not that great and I don't like country music, the way they use music on this show is really effective. It's a musical without being a musical so the music gets tied to the story and the emotions in a way that just works. you may recall I have a thing for the way music and story work together.

The Vampire Diaries 4x08 We'll Always Have Bourbon Street


I was actually really entertained by this episode, all the stuff about Charlotte and the sire bond made me lol. That kind of stuff is what the show should always be, imo. They should have more fun with ridiculous vampire mythology!

I have to admit I spaced a few times while watching, but what was the point of Lexi? Was she really saying Stefan couldn't live with having Damon around because of the bad things Damon did? I can't really keep straight what I'm supposed to be thinking about these characters with regards to morality and I sort of wish they'd cut that part out and just let me enjoy them as vampires. Though how completely typical that someone would manipulate Damon into their dirty work for them (the killing of the 12 innocent souls or w/e --also when Lexi was all I KNOW WHAT YOU DID and Damon said how do you know they didn't have it coming? I mean...Stefan killed that unrepentant serial killer last week, lol. THEY ARE THE SAME)

I hate the sire bond because Elena is never allowed any agency, BUT it's kind of compelling in a weird way to me, this idea that what she feels right now are heightened emotions for Damon so the idea of him cutting that off is incredibly painful, but at the same time how can they ever know it's real if he doesnt'? We cherish our feelings of love for people, but the funny thing is if he sent her away she'd be fine. It's just, idk interesting.

I liked a few things about the Tyler hybrid stuff. I liked how Kim pointed out that Caroline is on Tyler's team but NOT her team when she snatched her and tortured her. This was a nice result of Caroline's thoughtless and careless handling of Chris's life a few episodes back and it's true. Kim has every right to feel that way. Also, Caroline hanging out with Klaus would make her difficult to trust.

I also liked that Tyler rose to the occasion and took control of the pack. Will Tyler become like Klaus? I hope not, but the fact that he's being put in a position where he needs to be a leader and make hard calls is interesting for his character. I hope he doesn't become like Klaus and start torturing people and being careless with their lives, but I could see that happening (and then Tyler dying).

In any case, I am very whatever about the show now.

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