Thursday, September 13, 2012

BBAW Day 4: Pimp That Book

I struggled with today's topic because I feel like I am already obnoxiously evangelistic about the books I love and also because lately I feel like I'm reading all the big blockbusters everyone already knows about. I mean, I spent the summer rereading Harry Potter and I'm reading Gone Girl at the moment. I think everyone in the whole world already knows about those books!

But there is one book/author I love that I feel like still goes under the radar a little. Earlier this year I read The Survival Kit by Donna Freitas. Don't get me wrong, this book was reviewed by some great blogs. But I'd still love to see more people read it, because it's such a wonderful book. And I think Donna Freitas is a wonderful author--I also really enjoyed Gold Medal Summer her middle grade book that came out this year. I think Freitas creates really believable and realistic scenarios, and I think she writes her characters and situations with empathy and warmth. Sometimes my favorite books aren't the ones where big dramatic things happen, but instead where I feel moved in a sort of hopeful/wistful way. I feel as if books can serve many different functions...they can depict reality, comfort, entertain, inspire, instruct, and amuse. And while I appreciate all the different ways books function in our lives, I like it when they make me feel glad to be alive. There is something very special about a book that makes me feel inspired.

And that's the kind of book The Survival Kit was for me. I loved it a lot and I hope more of you can find time in your hectic busy lives to read it and love it, too! You can read my original review of The Survival Kit! And if you've already read it and loved it, I'd love to hear that, too!


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