Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BBAW 2012 Day 3: What Book Blogging Means to Me

Book Blogging is a topic that carries with it some baggage. It's funny because I sort of fell into it..this blog was originally intended to be place where I could write and all of my friends in real life could keep up with me. I was moving around so much at the time and keeping up with people was difficult, and I thought blogging was the answer. But it turns out that while blogging quickly became a way of life for me...something I do naturally and enjoy, that's not true for everyone!

So I started making online friends and tried blogging about different things that interested me. And then I started having a lot of time to read and it felt like a waste to be reading so many books and not blogging about them and the rest is history.

I remember feeling completely swept off my feet by book bloggers. I was so excited and delighted by this whole group of people that loved books and were fun and open and kind and did things like read for 24 hours and share the experience on the computer. I was in love. And this was at the beginning of the time when publishers were taking notice of book bloggers and so it was a very bustling exciting time and I felt like I was part of something important.

Things have changed a lot in the years since I've been blogging. But the one thing that never changes is that I still really appreciate the opportunity to share the experience of reading a book with you. I don't think I'll ever leave blogging entirely because I would miss all of you and also because writing about a book and discussing it have become an essential part of the reading experience for me. I am not the same kind of reader at all that I used to be and I think most of the changes have been for the better. So that's what book blogging means to me! :)


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