Sunday, October 9, 2011

Random Life Bullet Points

  • We had some rain this past week which finally made it feel like fall. I enjoyed every short second of it, even getting to finally wear warmer pajamas to bed and not have to use the A/C in my car.
  • The St. Louis Cardinals beat the Phillies Friday in a very tense game that reminded me why I only follow my teams in the play-offs. Seriously, it's way too much stress for me. The game was so close as well, 1-0. But yay Cardinals!
  • I finished The Shattering and I have a lot of unformed thoughts on it. Hopefully I'll be able to review it this week. It was good, but not great.
  • I have jury duty this week. Again. It's barely been a year since the last time. I dread going in because the last two times I was put on a trial.
  • Breaking Bad's season finale was brilliant. I can't remember the last time I was so completely surprised by good television. It's the kind of show you have to invest in, but I feel like the payoff this season was huge. And it made me realize there's a lot of crap on TV right now.
  • But even though BB is going away for now, The Walking Dead is coming back and I'm so happy about that. Zombies for the win!
  • It's already October 10th! How does this happen?

What's going on for you?


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