Monday, October 11, 2010

Cover and Release Date for Fiddler's Green!

Fiddler's Green
Last year, I read and loved The Fiddler's Gun by A.S. (Pete) Peterson. As you may recall, I reviewed it here, interviewed the author, and also named Fin as one of my favorite characters of 2009.

I'm excited that the conclusion to her story is coming on December 7th. Pete has just revealed the cover over at The Rabbit Room and I think it's stunning. You can be a part of making Fiddler's Green happen for as little as $25. Check out the details at The Rabbit Room.

Meanwhile...let the countdown begin!

Fiddler's Green synopsis: A Secret Mission. A Faraway Sea. A Long-awaited Homecoming.

From the backwaters of Georgia to the taverns of Philadelphia, Fin Button is the talk of the colonies. The British say she’s a pirate. The Americans call her a mutineer. The crew of the Rattlesnake call her the most unlikely thing of all: Captain.

But with the Revolution on the verge of defeat, the Congress offers Fin a deal. If she can free a noblewoman held captive by pirates, the French may be persuaded to join the war. Fin’s reward? A full pardon. Along with Jack, Topper, and the mysterious Armand Defain, Fin sails the Rattlesnake to the Mediterranean Sea, half a world away. Their destination is Tripoli—home of the savage corsairs and slavers of the Barbary Coast.

To win the prize, Fin will need the help of an ancient seafaring order, the Knights of Malta—and the resolve of one faithful knight could alter more than just the outcome of the Revolution. It could mend the heart of a lonely girl and give rise to an American legend.

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