Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Vampire Diaries Recap and Discussion 2.4: Memory Lane

So this week's episode was all about how we're supposed to believe that Katherine's feelings for Stefan are true. She LOVES him, ever since that day when he unexpectedly declared his love for her in the hallway and kissed her, causing her to touch her lips in wonder. GAG. For some reason, this just takes away from the Katherine I sort of love, evil little witch who could snap a neck while doing her nails. :)

Katherine's love, however, doesn't take any sort of conventional form, she believes it's perfectly normal to threaten Elena's life and pretend she doesn't have immunity to vervain. (this is why I love her...she sips vervain every day so it can't affect her. She's STRONG and clever) She also manipulates Caroline to do her bidding and threatens her life. Stefan thinks he can outsmart her but trying to punish her with vervain, she plays along until he tries to kill her and then she quickly puts an end to the charade. She runs into Elena on her way out and Elena, stunned, can only brilliantly ask why they look exactly like. "You're asking the wrong questions"

In order to throw Caroline off their trail, Stefan and Elena fake a fight that both Caroline and Damon overhear. When Elena asks Stefan if they'll tell Damon it's fake, she says no. So the deceit against Damon continues.

I have to admit the wolf part of the show was a snooze fest. Jenna and Alaric have a barbeque to kind of smoke Mason out. Damon makes lame joke after lame joke and Mason (absolute cutie!!!) puts up with it. Finally he lets Damon know he knows what's up and that he doesn't want any sort of silly feud between them. Damon of course can't be trusted, and tries to stab him with silver. And we discover that silver won't kill wolves.

The one interesting revelation was that in order to bring the curse down a person must kill. Will Tyler take this route? Does he want the curse?

And what's the stone?

Your thoughts on this episode? Looks like things could heat up with a real wolf/vamp feud...just what we love! And where's Matt and Jeremy?


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