Sunday, November 1, 2009

Book Bloggers Celebrate the Holidays, Too!

Two things you need to know about to celebrate the holidays in style!

Buy Books for the Holidays is a go again! I'm so excited by the fantastic team I have this year and all the plans we have! I hope you'll hop over and check out our fab new design and sign up to promote the gifting of books this holiday season!

Holiday Swap

There's also an awesome Book Blogger Holiday Swap going on! The fabulous Nymeth has done it again, and I hope you'll join in the fun and sign up to swap gifts with another book blogger!

You can follow both of these fun events on twitter at @books4holidays and @holidayswap

And you could kill two birds with one stone by signing up for a secret santa and then buying them books! Just sayin! :)



Beth F said...

I'm in on both of these!

Jen - devourer of books said...

I've signed up for both as well!

Ana S. said...

Thank you for spreading the word about the swap, Amy, as well as for all your help :D

Signing up for Buy Books for the Holidays now!

Rebecca Reid said...

This is great! I don't have much money this year, so my husband and I aren't really doing gifts, and can't really join the swap, but what a great idea!

TexasRed said...

Sounds like a great idea! Thanks for passing on the word.

Lenore Appelhans said...

ha ha! great idea (re: killing two birds with one stone).

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks said...

Lots of fun! I've started shopping for my Santee :)

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