Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Sunday Salon -- Pretty Much Everything

It may shock you but this week the blog will return to actual book reviews!!! Although it's really strange, now that I have time to read more than a few pages a day, I'm not sure what to read. I'm so behind in review commitments and the like that I feel completely confused. It's a bit like being a kid in a candy many options I just don't know where to begin! I will hopefully have my review of Sometimes We're Always Real Same-Same up later today (finally!) and I did read The Maze Runner but I feel like I should wait to post the review until it's been released. Both are books worth your time to read, though!

Live Author Chat Announcement
Also have you heard of the book Dreaming Anastasia? Joy Preble the author will be here on My Friend Amy for a live chat Wednesday night at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST. I will seriously be leaving for the airport just a few hours after the chat! I hope you'll join us!

Challenge Update
Speaking of so many books to read, I'm failing miserably at my challenges. I haven't read a single book for the Dewey's books challenge, only one for War Through the Generations, still haven't watched the Vampire Diaries from Thursday, haven't read my book for the Newsweek Project, only 2 of 5 for LOST Books Challenge, and only one of 13 for 1% Well Read. I was reading a few of the goals posts for BBAW and saw people say they wouldn't sign up for challenges because they were reading a list and not on impulse and I had to laugh. Apparently I'm an underacheiver because I don't consider it all that serious to fail at challenges....I sort of see them as suggestions. I do feel a bit of a let down when the time passes so quickly and I haven't read many of the books, but ultimately I just think they're a great way to learn about books and make possibility lists. :)

About goals...I ran out of time to write a post but I do have a few goals. I want to orient my reading more around the things I want to learn about. So these goals are really for 2010--I am going to host a challenge (aaah!) with a few other bloggers focused on social justice issues which I have a ton of ideas for but need to work out all the details with them. Also, I really want to educate myself on the world of comics and graphic novels and so I shall be designing some sort of self-education system for myself. And I want to work to promote quality Christian fiction which I'll be doing with Deborah, but I have a few more ideas for that as well.

But before all of that, I want to also take a few months to scale back the blogging and just relax. The past few months were quite busy for me and I'd get friends and family asking if I was doing anything but working on BBAW. And some other stuff came up that I think I need time to process but just sort of put off at the time. I'll likely still be posting quite a bit, but I need to force myself not to take anything new on for awhile. As Jen told me, I need to just read for awhile. :)

But I have seen two movies I enjoyed recently. I watched All About Steve which I thought looked kind of dumb, but I ended up giggling through most of it. It's completely over the top but I still liked it. and also Love Happens which I thought was lovely and upon reflection, really clean (no bedroom scenes). And I love Aaron Eckhart. However, it should be noted that these two movies which I enjoyed (we're not talking deep spiritual revelations just entertaining feel good movies) got terrible reviews! So it goes.

Flashforward starts this week!
I hope you'll tune in if you can...the pilot should be very exciting a bit like a movie. (as all pilots seem to be these days) I reviewed the book and also chatted about some of the transitions from book to TV, if you care to read them in preparation! It's amazing to me how many TV shows are based on books!

Okay I think I've talked your ears off! I hope you all have a lovely Sunday of reading and the like ahead of you! :) Tell me all about it!



Sandy Nawrot said...

I am a tad OCD about my isn't healthy, I will admit. There is one challenge that I have failed (Outlander) but everything else should fall into place. I, too, am anxious to dip my toe into Graphic Novels. I've started compiling a list of ones that I will read for the next GN Challenge that comes along. I've never read one in my life. I'm ready to expand my horizons.

I've decided to really focus on the reading (my shelves not ARCs) for the remainder of the year. I'm so looking forward to it! Let's just sit back and relax for the last quarter of the year!

Julie P. said...

I love your approach to challenges. I'm so adopting it! One less thing to feel guilty about!

bermudaonion said...

You certainly do deserve a break as hard as you've worked! I like your challenge attitude as well!

samantha.1020 said...

I'm the same way about challenges...I love the lists but don't care if I end up finishing them or not :) They are lots of fun to participate in though!

Trisha said...

As others have said, your take on challenges is awesome, and for the past month or so I've been trying to adopt that viewpoint. I realized that I was passing up books I wanted to read because they didn't fit into one of my challenges, and that was a bit depressing. That's when I decided I didn't need to be so anal retentive about book challenges.

Ceri said...

Flashfoward starts this week?? Ooooh, I can't wait to see that. Though, being in the UK, I doubt it'll be aired over here for a while (which sucks because Joe Fiennes and Dom Monaghan are British) - must find another way to watch it soon. :-D

Lenore Appelhans said...

I'm failing all my challenges except the ARC challenge and YA challenge. Which aren't really challenges since that's pretty much all I read...

Michelle said...

I'll echo the sentiments of others that I like your approach to challenges. I think they are a fun way to organize reading progress and I certainly would love to complete them but I hope to try not to get too worked up if I don't achieve ultimate success. :)

I'm beyond excited for Flash Forward to start this week but it sounds like you're going to be on a plane when it airs :( Good news is that I'll see you here after you land. I'm so excited!

Madeleine said...

I've recently joined two challenges (well, everything I've done on here I've done recently-I'm so new), the R.I.P. IV challenge, and the Japanese Literature Challenge. I'm determined to meet all my goals, although I'm moving disgracefully slowly through the book I'm currently reading (Shirley by Charlotte Bronte). Let's hope we all meet our challenge goals!

I saw All About Steve, too. I laughed a bit, as did my mom, but I have to say two things saved it from be a "blah movie" with me...

1) The cast--Sandra Bullock and Ben Cooper? Who could pass that up?

2) The moral. Be who you are as opposed to who everyone else thinks you should be.

S. Krishna said...

LOL, we totally understand why you haven't been posting reviews lately! Congratulations on how well BBAW turned out!

Carrie K. said...

I, too, love your attitude about challenges! I had to drop three last week because there was no way I was going to complete them on time. Oh, well.

I'm also really looking... well, forward.... to flash-forward. ;)

Jules said...

I don't like to fail challenges, but sometimes it happens, and like me, I sign up for way more then possible to actually finish. I also wanted to thank you for BBAW I had a great time and you did a wonderful job!

There's an award waiting for you at my blog,

and thanks again for the BBAW

Beth F said...

You deserve a break. BBAW was fabulous! I had so much fun! You should bask in the joy of a job well done.

Thomas said...

Amy, you do deserve a break. I hope that you take some time and just relax and enjoy a great book


Ana S. said...

I'm going to fail so many of my challenges this year it's not even funny :S I'm hopelessly behind!

If you need any comics and graphic novels recommendations, I'd absolutely love to help :D

You more than deserve a break. Make sure you take good care of yourself!

Meghan said...

You deserve a break! I'm glad you plan to take one for the rest of the year. BBAW was amazing, but you also need you time.

I'm failing my challenges too. I kind of have your attitude towards them. I like to make the lists, but mostly I read what I want/have to read at the moment and don't think about them too much.

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