Friday, June 5, 2009

Spotlighting Books! Saints in Limbo by River Jordan and Stealing Home by Allison Pittman (and a giveaway!)

About Saints in Limbo: Ever since her husband Joe died, Velma True’s world has been limited to what she can see while clinging to one of the multicolored threads tied to the porch railing of her home outside Echo, Florida.

When a mysterious stranger appears at her door on her birthday and presents Velma with a special gift, she is rattled by the object’s ability to take her into her memories–a place where Joe still lives, her son Rudy is still young, unaffected by the world’s hardness, and the beginning is closer than the end. As secrets old and new come to light, Velma wonders if it’s possible to be unmoored from the past’s deep roots and find a reason to hope again.

You can learn more about Saints in Limbo on the Random House website.

About Stealing Home: t’s 1905 and the Chicago Cubs are banking on superstar Donald “Duke” Dennison’s golden arm to help them win the pennant. Only one thing stands between Duke and an unprecedented ten thousand dollar contract: alcohol.

That’s when sportswriter David Voyant whisks Duke to the one-horse town of Picksville, Missouri, so he can sober up in anonymity. He bides his time flirting with Ellie Jane Voyant, his unofficial chaperone, who would rather hide herself in the railway station ticket booth than face the echoes of childhood taunts.

Ned Clovis, the feed store clerk, has secretly loved Ellie Jane since childhood, but he loves baseball and the Duke almost as much–until he notices Ellie Jane may be succumbing to the star’s charm.

Then there’s Morris, a twelve-year-old Negro boy, whose only dream is to break away from Picksville. When Duke discovers his innate talent for throwing a baseball, Morris might just have found his way out.

Four individuals, each living in haunted isolation, each harboring a secret passion. Providence brings them together. Tragedy threatens to tear them apart. Will love be enough to bring them home?

Learn more about Stealing Home at the Random House website.


I have one copy of Saints in Limbo to give away. Open worldwide for a week! Just leave a comment and tell me if you were a writer...what pen name would you use? Be sure to have a valid email address attached to your comment in some way. ;)



bermudaonion said...

I love books set in the South, so Saints in Limbo sounds good to me. Please enter me! milou2ster(at)

Carlene said...

If I were a writer my pen name would be anything but Carlene. It is the worst name and would not attract readers. I would need a cute, young name maybe Carly instead of Carlene. Yes - That is it Carly Patterson.

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Both of these books sound intriguing! My name, Sherrinda Ketchersid, would probably not even FIT across a book, so I have thought I would use my middle and part of my last. LeAnn Ketch. Better, I think.

CherylS22 said...

I'd probably write under the name of Jodi Lynne. I just like that name.


Violet said...

I would probably have a number in my name, something like the author Ara13, people might not forget it easily.

Please enter me, elizascott2005 at yahoo dot co dot in

L said...

My name would be would Alicia Carson. I just like that name for some reason.


Linda said...

My name would be Anne Shirley. Yes, I know it comes from Anne of Green Gables, but I love it.

Please enter me in your contest for "Saints in Limbo." Thank you.

desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Tempest52 said...

If I wrote and if I used a pen name, it would be my first and middle names, Diana Lynn. Why? They are ME...unlike my last name, I've had them since I was born.

Anonymous said...

I'd probably never use a pen name. If I was published, I'd want my name on it for all to see. I can't een begin to think of a pen name I could live with, let alone like.


Iv├┐ said...

Love the book's plot! Pen name? Probably Frances Truman. It's my 1st name & Truman is from my favorite author, Margaret Truman. :)


Belinda M said...

Hmmmmm I think I would use the name Belle North. Belle is what my friends call me, sort of a shortened version of my name and I live more north than south hence the last name

"Canadian Contests, Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Games and Fun:"

Annie1 said...

My Pen Name would be Phyllis Beccles, Phyllis after my grandmother (a very eccentric artist) and Beccles which is the English town she was living in when she passed!


Anita Yancey said...

My writer's pen name would be Louise Berry. Would love to read this book. Please enter me.


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