Friday, May 22, 2009

A Week of Pure Passion Concluded

I've had fun sharing Julie Lessman's latest book, A Passion Denied, with you this week but the fun doesn't stop here! Of course I hope you'll check out her books! I've decided to draw a winner on Monday May you have this weekend to comment on the posts or maybe buy a book? Read all the contest details here.

In any case, here are a few links for further exploration!

Rel did a character spotlight on Lizzie and Brady! (for the record, due to the cover model I really see Lizzie more as Rachel McAdams)

My Interview with Julie when A Passion Redeemed was released Part 1, Part 2.

My review of A Passion Redeemed.

My Review of A Passion Most Pure.

My Interview with Julie when A Passion Most Pure was released. (and the beginning of a beautiful friendship!)

Read the first chapter of A Passion Most Pure.

Julie's Saturdays in the Nook post for The Friendly Book Nook. (I really love this post)

And finally...a sneak peek from Julie's next book...I think those who have already readA Passion Denied will really be thrilled with this! in this fantastic post about writing romantic tension.

Many thanks to Julie for her generosity with her time, the prizes this week, and also of course, writing such fantastic books!



Roseanna White said...

(Early again, aren't I? And we can't actually credit the kids--my littlest one is far too early a riser and had me up 5:30, so this is no longer "me" time. Sigh.)

This has been such a fun week! I loved getting the insights into Julie's work and thoughts on it. I love discussions on romance and so enjoyed the many views put forth by your readers, Amy. Here's hoping sales boom!

Julie Lessman said...

AMY, I cannot express how much I appreciate all you have done in promoting my series this week -- THANK YOU, my friend, for all your hard work!!

ROSEANNA, not only early, but the first and only one, which should win a prize in itself!! Guess we wore everybody else out! :)

Thanks for staying with us all week, my friend.


Anonymous said...

Hard to believe the week is over already! This was a great event. Thanks!

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

This was the best promotional idea ever! Thanks so much for the great week!

Carole said...

I'd like to thank both Amy and Julie for this week's interviews and posts. I was already excited about Julie's books, but you've just created a lot more enthusiasm for everybody.

Julie, thank you for the way you've responded to our posts. That took a lot of time, but has really helped us get to know you. Your books are exciting, but so are you.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

Amee said...

I think of Rachel McAdams every time I see A Passion Denied's cover too!

Julie Lessman said...

DEBBIESWORLD ... yes, it was a great event, Debbie, and thank you for stopping by and helping to make it more so.

SHERRINDA ... I'll be anxious to hear from you once you receive A Passion Most Pure. I mailed your book on Monday, and one of the other winners received it today, so hopefully yours is coming soon. Thanks for stopping in on so many blogs, my friend.

CAROLE, thank YOU for being excited about my books -- that really is a blessing to me. And honestly, I really do LOVE connecting with reader friends because usually the type of person who likes my books (lots of passion and drama) are people I would normally like and want to be friends with anyway, so it's really fun to get to know you too! Although, I am bad because I tend to hang out with guys rather than write ... :)

AMEE, thanks for dropping in several times this week. And I just checked out a picture of Rachel McAdams with dark hair, and you and Amy are right -- she would be great!


CherylS22 said...

What a fun week! I appreciated all the reviews & interview.


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