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Tube Talk Tuesday: Supernatural Season 1, Episodes 18, 19

It's time for our weekly chat about Supernatural! This is the last week we're talking about season 1 and will be moving onto season 2 (which is totally awesome) next week!

As always, my thoughts are in regular type, Elizabeth's thoughts are in italics.

Episode 18: Something Wicked
Synopsis: Sam and Dean investigate a small town in Wisconsin where children are falling into comas for no apparent reason.

Being as I am team-Dean (a term that is brand new to me just learned on twitter!) I really loved this heavily character centric episode. In fact, it was probably one of my favorites. And reflecting back on it now, I think it's because this episode totally played out like an episode of LOST!

It was a very good episode! Is this the one that made you fall madly in love with this series? =) I think actually it was a few episodes before this one, but this one certainly didn't hurt.

I feel like this episode gave us tremendous insight into the character of Dean, his protective brotherly ways and why. I liked seeing Dean's relationship and feelings of responsibility towards Sam reflected in Michael and Asher.

I thought we learned so much about why Dean acts the way he does. He's been responsible for Sam since they were kids, and I think it made him grow up way too fast. I almost cried when the brothers were talking about their childhood, and Sam said he wished he would have had the innocence most kids had - Dean said, "If it means anything, sometimes I wish you could too." He doesn't even bother wishing innocence for himself, because he knows he's way past that, but he still wishes it for Sam.
Also - remember a few episodes back, with the lady in the mirror that attacked people with secrets? And I wondered if maybe Dean had a secret he wouldn't tell Sam? I think we found out what it was tonight - Dean left Sam alone, and he's felt guilt about it for years. It also explains why he always does exactly what their dad tells him to do, with no questions asked - the one time he didn't, it almost ended up in disaster.

Yes when Dean said that to Sam...man, I mean that's why I love the character so much!!! Yeah, you're right...lots of good insight into him...heartbreaking insight. ;)

Did you not find that boogeyman or whatever it was called to be uber creepy? I really was kind of freaked out by the hands!! Very scary monster.

Yes! I can't place what those hands remind me of, but it definitely gave me a flashback to something that scared me as a kid.

Did you think the old lady was involved initially? I thought she was ultra creepy!

I did - they really wanted us to believe it was her. Playing off the audience's assumption that an old woman would most likely be a witch was smart, I thought.

Were you surprised it was the doctor?

I was! I didn't see that coming at all.

What did you think about Dean's decision to use Michael as bait and Sam's reluctance to do so? Do you think Dean is willing to make the harder choices? (try to not to let the season finale influence your answer!)

I think Sam generally leads with his emotions, and Dean is able to have a clearer head. I think this allows Dean to do whatever it takes to get the result he wants. Of course, when Sam is involved, all his reason tends to go out the window!

Looking back, definitely one of my favorite season 1 episodes.

Episode 19: Provenance
Synopsis: A young husband and wife are killed in their home shortly after buying an antique painting of a family portrait from around 1910.

Okay, first things first - this was the BEST.HOTEL.ROOM.EVER.

The painting that kills...actually I thought this was creepy. I think there is something that is really creepy about paintings of dead people.

This reminded me of something at Disney Land - some sort of haunted house, with a bunch of paintings that had moving eyes. For some reason, I couldn't get that out of my head, so I was more amused than scared.

I guess I was thinking of the film The Others or The Haunting in Connecticut--of course those were both photographs.

But I have to admit, there wasn't much mystery for me, because I've seen Anne of Green Gables a thousand times....and so as soon as they said adopted daughter...I knew! (remember when Rachel warns Marilla about the adopted girl who killed the whole family?)

Oh my gosh, I didn't make that connection, but you are totally right!! Strychnine in the well!!

The idea of preserving the old toys was very weird to me as well. And making the doll out of hair?

I've heard of that sort of thing before - I think my grandma has something with hair - maybe a necklace? I didn't know they actually put those types of things in the mausoleum with the ashes, though.

What did you think about Sam and Sarah?

I like Sarah - she's one of my favorite girls-of-the-week. I liked her ability to think for herself, and she had my favorite line of the week - "You guys seem to be uncomfortably comfortable with this." I loved that line, too!

Were you happy to see Sam start to move on?

Well, I think it makes sense. Apparently, its been 6 months at least since Jess died - and I think moving on will help him. I thought it was interesting that this was the first time he's said anything about going back to see someone - maybe we'll see Sarah again?? Yes it would be interesting to see her make a reappearance!

Elizabeth has our discussion of the absolutely amazing final three episodes. I'll write a review of the full season complete with links to all our chats in the next week as well...look for that!



Elizabeth said...

OOOH - The Others. That film really scared me. I'm glad I didn't make that connection while I was watching the episode, or I would have been completely freaked out.

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