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LOST Recap and Discussion: Some Like It Hoth

I loved tonight's episode. It was quintessential LOST. Character driven with heart, humor, and mystery.
As always, Spoilers Below!!!

This season I have absolutely been loving the comic relief Miles has brought to the show and it was nice to have an episode centered on him.

Our episode opens with a very young Miles using his gift at a potential apartment rental. It's all very freaky and Sixth Sense'ish. But back on the island, a dead man turns up and Miles is initiated into the "circle of trust" and asked to transport the body to the Orchid. Hurley tags along and discovers the body in the back. When Pierre Chang discovers that Hurley knows, he threatens him with a job involving polar bear poop. "What a douche," Hurley says to Miles. "That douche is my dad," Miles said.

Oh I forgot, we keep getting glimpses of off-island Miles...asking his mother about his past and she tells him his father is buried a place he can never go, getting approached by Naomi to go to the island, having an audition to see if his gift is genuine. And he gets bribed by the money.

Hurley wants to talk about how Miles dad is Dr. Marvin Candle, but Miles isn't too interested. Hurley wants to know how he knew it was his dad. "Third day we were here I was in line at the cafeteria and my mother got in line behind me. That was my first clue."

Jack is scrubbing all sorts of secret clues off the blackboards in the Dharma classroom, in a nice attempt to help Ben's dad. Ben's dad, however, prefers anger and slamming things around and generally making his job more difficult. He accuses Kate of having something to do with Ben's disappearance, and Jack basically calls him crazy.

Miles, Hurley, and Dr. Chang head over to the work site. Hurley, God love him, tries to get some bonding going beween Dr. Chang and Miles. Sadly, it's not altogether successful.

At the work site, we get to see them pounding the cursed numbers into the hatch.

Okay really weird moment of the night! Bram, who in present time is in our little island world with creepy Ilana, wants to know if Miles knows what lies in the shadow of the statue. He doesn't want Miles to go to the island and work for Widmore! Miles insists he only cares about money. Bram tells Miles he's playing for the wrong team, and that he (Bram) is playing for the team that will win. Oh dear, is this yet another team?

Hurley continues to badger Miles about getting to know his father, and Miles explicitly states he doesn't want to know the father who he believes abandoned him. So Miles grabs his notebook and discovers that Hurley is writing The Empire Strikes Back. Ha!

Sawyer arrives home after a grueling day to find Jack there. Jack tells him about how Kate tried to comfort Roger, rousing his suspicions. "Her heart was in the right place," Jack says. "Yeah but where was her head?," Sawyer shoots back. Oh the question we've been wondering for 4 1/2 seasons.

Meanwhile, one of the security guys comes and confronts Sawyer with the tape. Making sure no one else knows about it, Sawyer knocks him out.

Hurley gives Miles a little lecture on communication (on this show? yeah right!) In a classic, beautiful LOST moment, Miles gazes through the window at his dad holding him as a child, reading to him. (LOVE THIS SHOW!!!) Miles gets teary eyed and turns away. But then his dad comes out. "Miles, I need you," "Yeah?" Miles says. They head to the dock to pick up a scientist. La dee da, that scientist is...."Dan!" "hey Miles, long time no see" and....LOST

Some Favorite Quotes
"How weird is it that your dad is that dude from all those movies?"
"Much as hunting down a mass murderer sounds really safe, I'm going to pass."
"Polar bear poop, got it!"
"Small world! That's your name, too, right Miles?"
"You owe me a fish taco!"
"Maybe he'll let you hold baby you or you can change your own diaper..."

For Discussion
Where had Dan been and what has he been doing?
Who does Bram work for?
What lies in the shadow of the statue?
Does anyone else miss Desmond even though we don't really want him to have to go back to the island?
Why all the secrets? (dead body, etc.)

Tell me all your thoughts!



Chrisbookarama said...

Looks like Dan left on the sub 3 yrs before. He seems to have his stuff together though. For the moment.

My first thought this episode, "Wow. Miles has feelings."

The creepy van guys. Ugh. Looks like another group who want the island. Are they the guys in the war predicted to happen?

What did they do to the dead body? Zombify it?

Melissa O. said...

I agree, this episode was awesome! And I'm so glad that Faraday's back! I agree with the first comment, he must have left on the sub from 3 years before.

And yes, the hubby and I miss Desmond, I think he was always one of my hubby's favorite characters!

BTW, I saw a tweet last night from someone who hoped other people noticed the time on the microwave... Anyone know what it was? Because I definitely didn't notice it...

Also, has anyone noticed the use of hieroglyphs lately? Last night on the chalkboard, and in the underground cave where Ben met the Smoke Monster last week??? What's up with that?

Alix said...

Yay! Loved last nights episode and Dan is back. I adore Dan.

No idea about the van guys. I thought is was Ben V Charles but apparently there is someone else!

I guess the Dharma people were working on whatever on the island brought the plane down, seeing as that guys filling popped out his head - nice :)

But really I have no clue where they are going

Leesa said...

I loved the VLOG you did the other day. I am not a Lost fan, but I like your writing style.

Sally said...

Loved this episode. It was good to get more insight into the character of Miles.

Jen said...

First of all, I loved last night's episode too! And Miles is one of my favorite characters on the show. I think it is very interesting how everything is coming together.

Did you ever notice that all the main characters have major daddy issues? I wonder if that is some sort of link or clue. But what does it mean???

Sarah M. said...

I guessed back at the beginning of Season 5 that Candle was Miles' dad, glad one of my guesses finally rang true. I was wondering much the same as you... could they have killed the dharma guy on purpose to see if they could use powers in the Orchid location to revive him? Or did he just see something he shouldn't? Interesting...

idea... you think Eloise has something to do with the group who keep asking about the shadow of the foot? After all... they were on the same flight she arranged the Oceanic6+ben....

Oh and, wasn't that a riot about Hurley and the Star Wars script?

Kacie said...

Well... I have my theories. :) I think that
1) John Locke (the resurrected version of him anyways) is the monster.

2) Bram, Ilana, and the rest of the "Shadow of the Statue" group are the original inhabitants of the island. I suspect Richard Alpert is one of them.

read my theories here:

S. Krishna said...

I loved this episode, especially the lightheartedness and humor. I was Miles and Hurley to become best friends!

I didn't realize the "What lies in the shadow of the statue" guy is on the island now. Good catch!

Lenore Appelhans said...

Yes! This episode has a lot of great lines. Wonder if it will be Miles that tells his father to send his mother and his baby self away so that he doesn't die in the purge? This time travel stuff is trippy!

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