Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today's Blogiversary Giveaway: LOST

I'm really excited about today's giveaway because I've had a lot of people say they'd like to watch LOST. Well, now you can, because I'm giving away the first season! And to everyone who already watches...well I spoke to ABC and arranged to have a new episode aired tonight. Yay. Okay, that had nothing to do with me, but I can't wait for tonight's episode! My love for LOST is both ridiculously high and well documented on this blog.

To be eligible you must:
1) Be interested in watching LOST, and possibly being harassed by me in a few months time when I'm dying to know what you think. OR
2) Love LOST but not own any of the DVDs.
Once again, I want this to go to someone who genuinely wants it and has no plans to do away with it. :)

Open worldwide, but please keep in mind these are region one DVDs.

Leave me a comment and tell me if you fall into category 1 or 2. Leave a valid email address, and tell me one book you'd want with you if you were trapped on a mysterious island with a smoke monster. Don't worry, if you win, you'll understand. :) I'll announce the winner in this week's weekly review.
Oh and of course if you blog this with a link to this post, it's an extra entry, if you tweet it, it's another extra entry! Namaste



Julie P. said...

Oooh! I said that I wasn't going to enter anymore contests for books, but this isn't a book! Believe it or not, I have never seen even one episode of LOST. I have been following your thoughts about it and have been tempted to catch up on all the shows. This would be the perfect start! I definitely fall under #1.

I also tweeted!

Beth F said...

What a super giveaway! Hope you get lots and lots of entries. Please do not add me to the giveaway, we've recently finished season 1 and we (my husband and I) are TOTALLY hooked. But we don't often re-watch shows, so I'd like to see the series go to someone who will watch again and again.

Kelly said...

I'm with Beth--the DVD would be a waste, I've been a loyal, albeit frequently confused viewer from the beginning. And I know I wouldn't watch the DVD, I'm not much for repeats. I just wanted to drop in and say..."Yes, the dvr is fired up and my youngest son and I are plopped in front of the the tv a 9:15 every Wed." (Skip commercials and still finish at the same time....;o) What an awesome giveaway!

I think they only have one more season to go after this? I don't see how they can possibly finish all these storylines by then.

Lenore Appelhans said...

I clicked through because I thought you might have a signed, shirtless poster of Sawyer ;). I already have season 1 on DVD, so no need to enter me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm genuinely interested. I have never seen LOST because I don't think I have the patience to wait between episodes and seasons like all my friends do! This way, if I liked it, I could space out the series so that I could catch up by next year and watch the end with everyone else.

If I was trapped on a mysterious island with ANY monster, I'd still take Jane Eyre. It's my favorite!

And I tweeted about the giveaway!

meghankk at gmail dot com

KyleeJ said...

I'm in category 2. But I didn't start watching LOST until all those highlight eps with the pop-ups started leading up to S3. I don't own any of the DVD of LOST.

Now I will tweet about it. =)

Anonymous said...

So I'm sort of between categories 1 and 2. I loved watching the first season when I lived with a roommate who bought the dvds, but I had a hard time transitioning to the second season with all of the commercials and waiting weeks between episodes (we would watch up to 6 episodes a night with the DVDs). My husband hasn't ever watched Lost, but we're planning to get ALL of the DVDs once the series has ended and basically have a giant marathon, so this would be a good start.

Jenny Girl said...

You don't have to enter me, I just wanted to say YAY can't wait for tonight :)

Kacie said...

Hah! Lenore cracked me up - I'd be up for a good Sawyer picture! Or maybe one of Hugh Jackson, given my review of Australia yesterday...

But anyways, back to the topic at hand. I love Lost and don't have any of the dvds. My office has started a "Lost at lunch" on Wednesdays, so dvds would be useful for that as well!

Erika Powell said...

I am category 1. So many people have told me I would love it but I have never gotten in to it and I want to watch it! The book I want with me, some kind of anthology so I have lots of stories to read.

sports dot erikalynn at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hi! I follow Meghan on twitter, which is how I found your blog. I'm a recent Lost lover - my parents convinced me to watch it, hehe. I don't own any of the dvds yet, but I'm very excited for tonight's episode! So I'm definitely category 2. As for the book I'd want with me on the all-time favorite is Gone With The Wind, but that doesn't seem very island-y. Can't I just raid the library in one of the hatches? ;)

My email is jenny dot nelson @ yahoo dot com.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaah!!! I'm a category two-er! Love, love, love the show, but alas, do not own the DVDs. Maybe its for the best or I would never make it into work...

As for what book I'd take with me, well, that's HARD! I might take Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but that might be too short. I would want to take something I LOVE, but that would take more than a few hours to read. Probably I would take Persuasion.

E-mail is mc DOT longbrake @ gmail DOT com.

Tara said...

Gosh, I'd love to win this! I began watching the series on abc in January and watched all the way through and am now caught up! I'm so addicted and would love to be entered.

Chrisbookarama said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Lorin said...

Oh, I'd love to win! I am in category 1. I've wanted to watch Lost since the beginning, when my friends started raving about it, but I've been scared to - it seems like one of those shows where its impossible to catch up. So, I've never seen a single episode and I even avoid reading about it, so that I won't be spoiled if I ever start watching it!

Just one book if I were ever trapped on an island... assuming I have my husband with me, I wouldn't need any survival books (he'd already know what to do), so I'd pick some big huge book to read to keep me busy until the rescue boat shows up, like Shogun or the Bible (neither of which I've ever read in their entirety). Favorite books that I already own that could keep me busy... Prince of Tides, Stranger in a Strange Land, How to Cook everything.

Carrie said...

I'm definitely in category #2. I love LOST, and I've watched it religiously since the beginning, but I don't own any of the DVDs. I've been thinking lately that I'd like to go back and watch the first season to see how far everything has come.
I think if I were "lost," I'd want to have Father Elijah, by Michael D. O'Brien. It's one of my all-time favorites, and although I've read it about 4 times, I haven't read it in a few years. It's not very "islandy" (as someone else said), but it's a great Catholic apocalyptic novel.

S. Krishna said...

Of course I already own these and have watched them multiple times, so don't enter me. I just want to let you know that I love that you are giving these away!

Tif Sweeney said...

Ooohhhh, I think I'm a combo of 1 and 2. I've only recently got into LOST and loved them! I'm currently awaiting the final disc of Season 3 to appear in my mail!! Can't wait!!!

As for the book I would want on my island . . . this is sooooo hard, but I would want one that I can read over and over and over again and still enjoy it every time. Could I choose a series? If so, I would definitely go Harry Potter!! If not, then maybe an anthology . . . I'm thinking Robert Louis Stevenson may be a good pick!!

Thanks for the great week so far!! Since I haven't said it in my previous posts, HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!! :)

Simply Stacie said...

Category 2- Love Lost and staying up late tonight to watch it at midnight!

Twilight would be my pick so I could fantasize that Edward was with me instead of that scary smoke monster.

photoquest said...

I fall in cat. 1 I started out watching it and loved it! then my schedule changed and wasn't able to watch it anymore I'm back to being a stay at home mom again so i would love to be able to kick back and watch me some LOST.
A book i would like to have with me? oh wow let me think only 1 I would have to go with Pirates by Linda Laul Miller it was a time travel and loved the hero in it. please enter me in.
And i wouldn't mind if you harrassed me lol!

Rel said...

Ok, I don't fall into either category but my husband is definitely in category 2 and I am entering for the love of him rather than my love of Lost!!

Make sense??!!

Lindsey said...

Oh dear, trapped on a mysterious island with a smoke monster? Eeeee! Well I'd want my bible for sure, but I'd want my whole bookshelf! Knowing me, I would have a few in my carry-on bag in a plane. Assuming I crashed onto the island and wasn't stolen away and "planted" there. ;-)

I fall into category #2 - I've watched all the episodes online but would LOVE to own some for myself! It was bad - as soon as I finished watching them online I wanted to start all over again! Oh the disappointment at being caught up.

I enjoy your recaps and loved this week's question. I'm still thinking on it. Haaard.

(Oh and I got my mom into this series, too - muhahaahahaha!)

Thanks for the giveaway!

ladyufshalott at

Lindsey said...

Tweeted this! @kindred_spirit

ladyufshalott at

Anonymous said...

I would fall into category 2.
What better book than "The Mysterious Island".

seth (at)

tweeted @sethkain

Memory said...

I fall into category 1. I've never watched LOST, but I'd love to give it a go. It seems like everyone and their dog is into it, and it sounds like a fun show. :)

If I were trapped on a mysterious island with a smoke monster, I imagine I'd most want FIGHTING SMOKE MONSTERS FOR DUMMIES with me. Since I doubt that's been published, I'll have to go with TIGANA by Guy Gavriel Kay. It's my very favourite book, and it's so bulky that I'm sure it'd take a long, long time to read it to death.

Tempest52 said...

Category 1 for me. I've heard about LOST over and over again, but have never once seen it. I would treasure it, should I be lucky enough to win!

Tarasview said...

oh I would love to win this! I've wanted to watch lost forever!

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