Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Sunday Salon: Books and Music

Hello! I hope everyone's Sundays are going well, and that even though you may have lost an hour of sleep that you are looking forward to a day with at least some reading time!

I was reflecting recently on the new trend to include playlists with books. I was thinking as well about my dismal failure to turn my commute time into audiobook time and I think I know the reason why. I usually listen to music as I drive to work and home and use that time to think as well. But also to process whatever it is I'm reading. Sometimes I read too fast and too much to have the proper amount of time to reflect on the story and so it's often while driving that music, magical thing that it is, will unlock the story in my mind and give it new wings. It's not like I set out to think about a book or story I'm reading, it's just that something about the music will remind me and then I'll be thinking about the characters and their choices, what I think about it, the way the story was know all of those things! And so I don't necessarily like an author's playlist because usually I sort of end up making oneself. (I also write blog posts and stories in my mind when I drive..laugh at me if you like!)

In fact, just the other day, I had rather quickly read the short story An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge for the LOST books challenge. I thought it was a good story, but it wasn't until I was later driving and yes, listening to something sort of mournful that the story surfaced in my mind, the way it was told, the impact it could have had, and must have had for other readers and I felt a sort of sorrow over it, I hadn't felt when simply reading it.

I love the way different expressions of art can complement each other. That music can unlock stories, that books can bring depth to film, that film can give visuals for books.

So what do you think about the trend of playlists for books?



Ana S. said...

I'm the same way...I need my quiet time listening to music and just thinking. And sometimes the things I think about will help me see a story in a new light. I love the way you worded it - "music can unlock stories". So true!

I like the idea of having playlists for books, but like you I'd rather come up with my own. Oh, and I write blog posts in my mind while doing other stuff all the time...especially when taking a shower. This probably sounds disturbing :P

Anonymous said...

Totally great idea!

bermudaonion said...

I'm not sure. I've seen some discussion about this, but I've never really looked into. I did read a playlist once and didn't recognize any of the songs on it.

Karen Harrington said...

Yes, I think I'd prefer to come up with my own playlist (which I do when I'm writing a book, too) because each of us brings our own ideas and thoughts to the page. It's sort of like wanting the original book cover instead of the movie tie-in cover because you've already formed an idea of what the characters look like which may be at odds with who Hollywood cast in the role. Great post! (I compose/write while driving, too!)

Anonymous said...

I had fun doing a soundtrack post for a book I liked, which was a challenge at the blog American Bibliophile. I also enjoy seeing authors' playlists. Not knowing the songs doesn't bother me, because I love to find new music, and I also know that when I read, my brain will go its own way, so I'm not worried about being influenced.

Vasilly said...

I noticed more and more bloggers are having playlists for the books they read, but I haven't done it. Maybe I'll give it a try.

Literary Feline said...

I do read through the play lists the authors might include in their books, but I rarely do more than that. I think it's fun to see what an author was listening to while writing the book or even seeing a list of the songs the characters might have liked.

I tend to read in silence more and more these days. If I do have music on, I end up blocking it out, however unintentionally, and don't notice what is playing.

samantha.1020 said...

I haven't done it but think that it sounds interesting. It might be something that I was willing to try but we'll have to see :)

Amy said...

Nymeth..not disturbing at all, I do that too! ;)

rhapsody in books...yes indeed.

Kathy...I suppose it's a good cross marketing ploy.

Karen..thanks! oh good, I'm glad I'm not the only one! :)

Priscilla...that is a pretty good challenge idea. Thanks for weighing in! totally should! :)

Wendy....I can only concentrate on one thing at a time as well..the playlist is more the music I processed the story, too. :)

S. Krishna said...

I think it's a fun idea but I can't say I've actually listened to any playlists for books!

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