Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Review: Just Another Girl by Melody Carlson

About the Book: Aster Flynn is stuck. She has to spend all of her "free" time with her younger sister, Lily, who, though fifteen, is mentally handicapped. At age seventeen, Aster should be hanging out with friends, dating boys, and working at a fun job. But her dad's MIA, her mom is always at work, and her older sister Rose is too self-centered to give her any help. It's not that Aster doesn't love Lily--it's just that for once she'd like to be able to be a normal teenager. So when a cute popular guy seems to take an interest in her, Aster hatches a plan. Somehow she has to get her workaholic mom and deadbeat dad to be the parents Lily needs so that Aster can have a life of her own. But can she ever get her parents to start acting like adults? Is this new guy worth the trouble? And, most importantly, will Lily get hurt in the process? With its real-life characters and struggles, Just Another Girl will immediately draw teen girls in. Author Melody Carlson knows how to write to girls just where they are.

My Review: Melody Carlson is a prolific author of Christian young adult novels. And after reading this book, I can see why Christian teens are drawn to her books. I really loved this book. Aster is the middle child and has taken it upon herself in many ways to take care of her special needs younger sister. The only problem with that is that it leaves her no time for herself. Aster's getting older and starting to feel resentful and now a popular boy at school has taken notice of her. She wants to be free to date, go out, and have fun. But there's no one else to take care of her sister, Lily.

This book is about Aster finding a way to be herself and not need to be needed. It's full of laugh out loud moments, awkward moments, and touching moments. It is Christian fiction...Aster doesn't want to drink, wants to rely on God, and goes to youth group. However, there is nothing heavy handed about the faith element in this book, it fits naturally into what an almost 17 year old girl would think, do, and feel. It's a tremendously satisfying read as well..not everything works out exactly as you think it's going to, but the ending is perfect. Everytime I pick up a YA novel, I'm thrilled with the diversity found. Definitely recommended. You can purchase it here.

Rating: 4.25/5



Jenny Girl said...

Well I could certainly relate to Aster, since I watched my little brother quite a bit growing up. Nice review!
YA fiction makes you think differently about situations.

Toni said...

Great review Amy. All of these great YA books out there. I really need to read more of these books. This one sounds especially good.

Anonymous said...

Great review Amy. I just finished reading her Carter House Girls series and loved it. I have found another author that I really enjoy. Looking forward to getting more of her books.

Amy said...

Jenny..I really do enjoy YA.

Toni..the great thing about them is that a lot of them are much shorter...you can fit more in!

Cindy..I want to read those! :)

Serena said...

I don't read Christian fiction normally, but this sounds like a great story!

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