Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blogging Goals for 2009

I'm a bit late in posting these, but here goes!

Leave more comments. I probably average 5-7 comments a day and my goal is to increase that to at least 10 a day. This probably means that I'll have to cut down on the number of blogs that I read...we'll see how that goes.

Review more than books. I'd like to try reviewing more than books. Still entertainment (not products really) like DVDs, movies, music, plays, restaurants, television shows, etc. I think this will push me out of my comfort zone a little bit more.

Be more active in promoting literacy.
The kidlit blogs are great at this, but I have noticed that the adult blogs? Not so much. I'd like to write more about the need for literacy and ways book bloggers can help out.

Pre-schedule as many posts as possible. I really need to get better at time management, and I'd like to be one of those bloggers who writes all their posts for a week at once. Will this happen? Who knows?

Give my favorite authors and books better airtime.
I want my favorite books to be obvious and I want my favorite authors who are willing to be featured on this blog to get the chance to know you. This probably means I'll be accepting less review copies.

Continue to host Faith 'n Fiction Saturdays, Buy One Book and Read it Challenge, and the LOST books challenge.

Host a new challenge focused on award winning or nominated films.

Organize and host BBAW '09. In fact, be looking for an email from me this week if you volunteered to help. I'm starting a lot earlier this time. :)

Goals relating to The Friendly Book Nook
Increase readership and reader participation.
Organize and host a focused reading challenge/event (in the works)
Reach out to influential people for Saturdays in the Nook posts.
Start podcasting.

Goals related to Inspired to Action
Build community and increase readership.
Get more involved in social justice blogging community.
Increase my own knowledge of social justice issues and find ways that Inspired to Action can make a difference in the lives of people.

Goals related to Buy Books for the Holidays
Keep blog semi-active as a source to encourage people to buy books as gifts for all holidays.

I will re-evaluate these goals in 4 months time to see how I'm doing.

Oh my word. I need at least three more hours in a day!!!!



Anonymous said...

I'm definitely resolving to preschedule posts more often. I tend to get 3 or 4 post ideas at a time, and then dry spells for 3 or 4 days. Seems like a pretty simple remedy!

I think I'll join you on the plans to comment more often on blogs as well. I don't do that enough, and I'm missing out on some great conversations.

Florinda said...

I think you're right, unfortunately, in saying that commenting more on blogs may mean having to read fewer. I suspect that at some point later this year, I may have to trim some blogs where I don't comment often (and/or don't comment on mine) - and I hate that.

I do love pre-scheduling posts, though - it has been a lifesaver for me!

Good luck with your blogging goals, Amy! And I'm so glad there will be a BBAW again this year :-).

Jeanette said...

Pre-scheduling posts is something I am trying to work on. I did it awhile back and it was great. I found that if I could knock out 4-5 posts at once and then add 1 every day or two I stayed ahead of the game. Unfortunately, I did not keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Pre-scheduling posts is the way I try to do it. I got way behind on reviews and posting thanks to other obligations, so as soon as I was off for the holidays, I reviewed all the books I'd missed and I've now resolved to review books within a day or two of finishing them, not two weeks later. My backlog was so huge that I have two and a half weeks of 4x a week review posts!

It does make me feel better, though, knowing my blog is merrily churning out posts without me and adding one every few days. I would definitely recommend this when you have the ideas or the time!

One of my goals is also to comment more. I read many blogs, but I'm just a lurker at heart. I have no idea what I'm afraid of!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your goals! I love your fresh ideas. I think your Buy One Book Challenge is great. Anything that encourages people to read is wonderful. I love doing that. It's why I love working in a library. Helping patrons find just the right book or suggesting one that they might pick up at a bookstore (new or used) is one of the best parts of my job.

Anonymous said...

I think you'll do just great with your goals!

Anonymous said...

P.S. - I volunteered for BBAW... I can't wait to help. Just let me know how!

Rhonda Gales said...

I have my goals for 2009 listed as well. We have a few goals in common, to promote our blogs more and reading. Maybe we can help each other.

I have a post on my first book for 2009. I'm actually enjoying.

Anonymous said...

These look like helpful/productive goals ... and most of all, attainable! Good luck with them.

I've joined Kim's "Blog Improvement Project" for 2009 and I'm just starting to list blog goals now (they've been percolating, but when I write them in a post, I'm committed!)

Amy said...

Vivian..thanks so much! main problem is that it takes me a good bit of time to write one post...but I know it can be done..I know it can!

Florinda...I've left 7 comments today so far. I need to figure out how to use that greasemonkey thing Natasha talks about.

Jeanette...yeah, I guess I need to block out a time each week that I can do it.

Meghan..I love the idea of my blog chugging along without me!

Kay...I think you have a great job! :)

Thanks Sheri...I hope to email folks this week.

Dawn..I can't wait to see your goals!


Lynda said...

these are great goals - but like you I need more hours in th day! ;0)

RAnn said...

You inspired me to formulate and post my own blog goals. I can't imagine trying to keep three blogs going. Good luck!

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