Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Sunday Salon -- Thanks to the Book Bloggers!

This is really a busy season, but not too busy to tag along with my mother to the Scholastic Warehouse Customer Appreciation Sale! What's that you ask? It's when Scholastic opens up their warehouse and lets the teachers and other cool people (read: me ;) come in and buy books at 50 percent off! In the past, I've gone to the sale and picked up a few books, however, this time as my arms became heavy with books I wanted to read, I began to ponder...what's the difference this time--everything looks fantastic?

And I realized that quite simply it's book blogging. My exposure to the books out there..especially books for younger readers.. has increased dramatically. I know the names of the authors and have heard of most of the books because of the ridiculous number of excellent book blogs I read.

I won't tell you how much I spent or how many books I acquired, though a few will show up in a giveaway soon at The Friendly Book Nook. I will tell you that there's something wonderful about a big room where the shelves are simply overflowing with discounted books. It's a bit like a bargain hunt and you simply must go through the room two or three times because it's impossible to see it all in one go. I even found some books I've been meaning to read...Truth and Beauty by Ann Patchett and She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb. (I've never read their books...crazy huh? But, um, those are only two of many books I bought. ;))

All that book shopping and lusting after books does leave one fairly exhausted and so a nice steak lunch was in order after the book hunt was done. :)

I'm heading off on more adventures today and so I probably won't get much reading done. But I do plan to completely enjoy my two weeks off at Christmas by reading many many books. What are your plans for today?



Alea said...

Oh wow that sounds like a wonderful time! :D The Scholastic Book Fairs in elementary school drove me wild, I loved them!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! A warehouse full of books 50% off sounds like heaven.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I went to the warehouse sale last week, too...twice! I was astonished to discover that my school library had over $6,900 worth of book profit credit. I couldn't just let that sit there, could I?

Anonymous said...

Wow. That sounds like it would've been quite the dangerous book sale!

Today I'm finishing up all my Christmas prep. (Then I can relax and enjoy the season!)

Sally said...

Thanks for not sharing how much I spent either!!

Vasilly said...

I've always wanted to go to one of those sales! One day. Have a great Sunday.

Literary Feline said...

What a great time you had! I am glad you were able to go, Amy.

It is amazing how many books I now recognize just walking through a store or past a shelf of books thanks to the book blogging community.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a book lover's dream come true!

Julie P. said...

I am so jealous. Enjoy your books!

Darlene said...

A warehouse full of books sound like a perfect way to spend the day. Enjoy!

Ruth King said...

Oh, that sale sounds like heaven! You would have had to drag me out of there.

I love how blogging has changed my reading. I posted a little bit about it today. I've expanded my reading so much, and discovered books that I wouldn't know about if it weren't for other book bloggers. (The wonderful thing? I have never disliked a book that I bought because of another blogger's review!)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun, Amy. I loved Truth & Beauty, the only Patchett book I've read so far. I hope you enjoy it too.

Beth Kephart said...

I am glad you treated yourself to a lovely lunch. You've just brought back memories, cherished ones, of book fairs.

Luanne said...

My daughter is a teacher and she was so excited when she called to tell me about all the books she'd bought!

Dani In NC said...

I definitely credit book blogs with my increased reading time these days. When I was a kid I just wandered around the library and picked up books that looked good. Then as a young adult, I worked in a bookstore which gave me the chance to find out about cool books even before they hit the shelves. Since I don't have either one of those options any more, I rely heavily on the internet to find out about books. The discovery of Goodreads and book blogs has made it much easier.

Anonymous said...

You managed to stop drooling long enough to buy books? Sounds like if I'd been there, I'd have passed out from overload. Bring in the smelling salts!

I do remember the Scholastic Book series and being able to order books through this mini paper catalog through my elementary school. I remember bugging my mother to buy me books. I didn't always get to order books, but she obliged often enough.

Anyway, sounds like an awesome day!

Amy said...

Alea, I know! They were great. I used to love bookorders, too. ;)
Kathy..pretty close to it! :P
debnance--wow! I'm glad you didn't let it go to waste!
Court..enjoy the rest of the season!
N. sales really are the best.'s amazing..I really do feel so educated. :)'s made me more open and more frustrated by all the books I don't have time to read. :)
Avis...thanks for the positive recommendation
Beth..thanks for commenting! I loved book fairs, too.
Blacklin..I LOVED book orders. I actually still like looking at them. :)
Dani..I'm glad we have the internet to inform our reading, too!

Jeanette said...

That book sale sounds like a dream! :-)
I am looking forward to my Christmas break as well. Sitting on the beach all day reading books! I'm still trying to determine how many books are too many to take with me. :-)

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