Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Recent Thoughts about the TV Shows I Love. Or Don't Love. Or Used to Love.

I, for one, was glad to see Jack Bauer back in action, saving children no less, last week. Is it just me or was 24: Redemption pretty awesome? I think this show has a serious chance of reviving itself so long as I can buy the reason Tony is still alive. I'm excited about the new direction, and found the child soldier storyline powerful and effective without half the violence of the movie Blood Diamond (which is also good just very very very violent) Some of the things I love about 24 are the incredible production (tight editing, original score, fantastic shots--so few shows have this), the ability to convey serious emotional consequence amidst all the action...and of course Kiefer Sutherland whom we love so dearly as our hero Jack Bauer. A flawed and imperfect hero to be sure, but one that is impossible not to root for. (I once saw a poll that asked who was the better hero...Jack Bauer or Jack Shephard...really? Sorry, no contest)

In other very sad news, Pushing Daisies has been canceled. This is a big loss as far as I'm concerned. Sadly, I tried to force my relatives to watch it Thanksgiving Eve and they just didn't get it. It's a highly stylized show but even as the relatives were rolling their eyes, I was giggling at the funny and smart dialogue. (i.e. from Emerson: "You're about to be the first man to be murdered twice") Oh well. I guess we can't win them all. I hope Lee Pace finds another awesome job asap. I just love him.

LOST released a new promo that struck me with the realization that Desmond might be required to go back to the island. This is intolerable. He can't leave Penny! (not to mention he was on that island for soooo long already!)

Did anyone else watch Gossip Girl last night? Nate continues to baffle me, Dan and Serena clearly need to get back together (am I really supposed to take Aaron seriously? eww!), and Chuck and Blair keep teasing me!!! Actually it looks like Ed Westwick has some great stuff coming up in the next show. By the way, I read that Verizon will have an exclusive series from the viewpoint of Dorota. I have to admit when I first read this, I thought it was the dumbest thing ever. But, I suppose if they make it funny enough, it might not be bad.

Which leads me to the show I wish I liked, but just can't seem to get. I really really really wanted to like Fringe. It had so much going for it. An interesting mythology. A pretty stellar cast. J.J. Abrams. (and other LOST alums) but I've missed several episodes and can't seem to care. When I do manage to watch it, I sometimes have to force myself to concentrate. I've tried to figure out why this show doesn't work for me and sadly I think it's the main character, Olivia. She just has no spark. She's boring. Very boring. And while I'm somewhat interested in Josh Jackson's character and his father, that interest is not enough to overcome the fact that I feel nothing for Olivia. Anyone else share these sentiments?

Oh and I've officially given up on Grey's Anatomy. Considering how much I used to love that show, this is kind of surprising. But somehow, the writers thought when there was backlash over Izzie/George that what the fans wanted was Izzie and Denny sort of resurrected from the dead. The writing is just so completely out there in almost every storyline that I can no longer enjoy it. Which is too bad, because the first two seasons were excellent television.

So....how are your favorite shows going?


Anonymous said...


Man... why don't we watch the same shows? The only one we have in common you aren't going to watch anymore! Bummer, man!

I have to disagree... I still like Grey's Anatomy. I like what is happening with Torres & Bailey. Although, I can't stand Sadie, Meredith's old friend. Ugh. She should have died of the appendix rupture... NOW, there's a story! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new doctor who's into Christina. He was in a show last year about a time traveler. They cancelled it and I'm bummed because I really liked the show... kinda reminded me of The Time Traveler's Wife. Anyway, he's a foxy babe and there's an article about him in People Magazine this week. I'm posting about him for sure soon!

OK.. so, sex with ghosts. I know it's out there. It probably would never happen... but, what if it's just all in her mind?

I'm beggin' here... My FRIEND Amy.... one more episode.. just one more... for me???

Anonymous said...

P.S. Will you write me an email and tell me what this Twitter thing is? I think I'm signed up for it, but DO NOT understand it whatsoever!



Chrisbookarama said...

Oh no not Pushing Daisies! No fair.

bermudaonion said...

I'm so out of it. I watch Dancing with the Stars and college football and basketball and that's about it.

Becky said...

I'm giving up on Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. I fell in love with Life On Mars this year. And I'm hoping hoping hoping it doesn't get cancelled. They're switching nights on it so it follows Lost this winter...so I'm hoping it will catch on. As far as other shows go Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, and Kitchen Nightmares are fun for me.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't watch many of those shows. I watched the first season of Lost on dvd then had so much trouble dealing with the second on actual tv that I gave up. I think when the series is over I'll just get ALL the dvds and spend a month watching.

The only other one I watch is Fringe. I'm not interested enough in this show to bother watching it whenever it is actually on, but I do usually watch it on Hulu at some point after each show airs (often on Fridays when there is nothing to do at work). You're right, Olivia IS boring. I think that would bother me if I was deciding to watch instead of doing something else. However, it is not so bad when I'm surreptitiously watching it on the computer while playing Hearts.

caite said...

Love Lost and awaiting it's return...24 never really grabbed me. Maybe I came to it too late.Gave up. Gray's Anatomy..gave up. But then show I give up on are numerous. Many seem after a season or so to lose their way.
Love Law and Order, the original and CSI..the original. No Miami, no NY..no, no.

Anonymous said...

Nooo I just want Desmond & Penny to be happy. Stupid island. I'm about THISCLOSE to being fed up with Jack.

Ooo I love Law & Order SVU. Can't get enough of Elliot's hot-headedness & Olivia's strength.

ohAmanda said...

I am still devastated about PD. *sigh*

And I'm with you on Fringe. I love the guy and his dad. They are cute and funny & good actors. But Olivia (come one, with a trendy name!)? Not so much.

I liked 24. I don't think it "redeemed" itself from last season. But we'll see. I love me some Tony Almeda. So, I'll be pretty lenient with that plotline! :)

And Lost. Oh, Lost. I just get butterflies in my stomach thinking about it...

Anonymous said...

We DVR Fringe and watch it when we get around to it. And half the time I'm reading while its on. Pacey's* adorable, of course, but yeah, Olivia is boring.

*yeah, whatever, Joshua. He'll always be Pacey to me.

Jeanne said...

I'm sad about Pushing Daisies, too. It's the first tv show I've watched since Northern Exposure was on! Guess I'll go back to reading on Wed. night now. (Oh, and I started watching Pushing Daisies because a friend of mine said that necromancy didn't pay in it.)

Anonymous said...

I still like Grey's even with the weird Denny storyline. Can't wait for Lost!!

Anonymous said...

I really like Fringe, but totally agree about Olivia - she is the flattest character on TV, in my opinion. Still I love Josh Jackson and the father character enough to put up with her - and there's nothing else I'm watching in that time slot. I also like the lab assistant girl - can't remember her name - hope they show more of her.

I'm a season behind on Grey's cause I watch on DVD.

I loved 24 Redemption, and I don't really care how believable their reason is for bringing Tony back, cause I adore his character. :)

I never tried Pushing Daisies, but I did give My Own Worst Enemy a try, only to get hooked and then find out that after episode 4 it was going to be cancelled. I haven't bothered to watch anymore.

Looking forward to LOST.

Loving Bones and House this season. Two of my faves.

Colin Matthew (TheBookPirate.com) said...

This TV season i'm stuck on old shows. Nothing new has caught my attention.

Desperate Housewives is still my guilty pleasure. Heroes is fun to watch sometimes. 30 Rock and Samanatha Who? I also enjoy.

I'm on season 3 of LOST which I would like to get caught up on before the new season. I also started watching How I Met Your Mother which I think so far is pretty good.

Also, i'm sad about Pushing Daisies. :-(

Amy said...

Sheri...well...maybe one more just for you. :) btw I am going to email you re: twitter

Chris..I know :(

Kathy...I hope you don't mind that spring is crazy tv time on this blog...I live blog American Idol and recap LOST.

Becky...I need to watch more of Life on Mars

Jen...you MUST watch LOST at its conclusion on DVD. best show ever and they promote the heck out of reading and books. :) Thanks for agreeing that Olivia is boring.

Caite..there's only so many hours in a day. :) 24 is fast paced and political drama so it's not for everyone.

Monica..I know! I want them to be happy!

Amanda...ha, butterflies in your stomach pretty much describes me too...did you watch the new snippet? It can't come fast enough!


Jeanne...wow! Please give LOST a try. (sorry I'm an evangelist for all things I passionately love)

Carrie...House has been a little over the top for me. It's a show I blog during.

Colin..you still have time with LOST. Season 3 is a great season there towards the end. So sad about PD. :(

Anonymous said...

I found out about Pushing Daisies last night. I've been a little annoyed at all the adventures of Ned and Chuck where they are almost touching yet don't seem to realize the danger. Other than that, it's been a joy to watch it this season.

Ana said...

SAY WHAT? someone did a poll Jack Bauer x Jack Shephard? LOL<<<<< *ana falls off chair laughing*
Jack Shephard CRIES all the time. Enough said.

24 Redemption was awesome.

I quit Pushing Daisies a few episodes ago. I loved season 1 but season 2 was pretty boring so no surprise for me here.

Desmond going back to the island? No problem, as long as he takes Penny with him.

I do not enjoy Fringe so I quit that one two.

Of the shows I carry on watching:

The Mentalist - what a surprise this show was.i am really enjoying it.

House - predictably good

Heroes - what a load of crap - but I can't stop watching it! argh.

there's more. I knnow there is.....

Elizabeth said...

For me, it's the way Olivia talks - she seems to O V E R E N U N C I A T E everything she says - drives me crazy. I think I have four episodes waiting to be watched, and I'm not sure I care.

Also, Heroes has totally jumped the shark. I am so incredibly disappointed.

I do, however, LOVE LOVE LOVE Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Wow, has this show taken over the #1 spot for me. It is brilliant, and I love that David Silver (remember him, 90210 fans??) is a bada** . Great show!

I am also unreasonably excited for the final season of Battlestar Galactica - they had better end with a bang!

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