Sunday, November 16, 2008

Throw out 50 Things Challenge

I'm joining Monica's Declutter Challenge. The good Lord knows I need it. I probably have 50 things in my wardrobe alone that could go.

I have a hard time parting with things, but alas, with times as they are it's best to declutter and simplify and live with only what we need. (and stacks of books of course...but I need those)

I'll try to update on here...maybe give you a chance to win some of my junk! :)


Michele said...

Hopefully our house will sell soon and I can start packing. Then I will be a throwing out fool!

caite said...

I find that I have to get in a certain 'throwing out' frame of mind. Let it go, set it free. And once I get that...Stand back!

Jena said...

We just moved. This is my fourth move in 12 months. I promise you, I have gotten rid of everything I've ever been willing to part with. Most of what I kept was books and kitchen stuff. I think 80% of everything we moved is my husband's "junk"--and his mother's--and he won't even talk about culling. I understand wanting to hang on to her stuff in case she wants something back, but seriously--there was a whole vanload of just computers and peripherals.

I so hope our kids don't pick up this dirty little, "I may need this some day in the unforeseeable future, so I'll pick it up now," habit.

texasinafrica said...

I'm a HUGE fan of clearing out. Last year I tried taking 10 things out of the closet each month for a few months. It helped SO much and I now have plenty of hangers!

Serena said...

welcome to the challenge

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