Monday, August 11, 2008

Watching the Olympics is Not Good for My Christianity

For whatever reason, those remnants of patriotism within me surface fiercely during the Olympics. I love cheering Team USA.

I also cheer Team Japan. But mostly Team USA.

I do enjoy a good human interest story. Paint a good sorrowful picture for me or hope against all odds and I will cheer the underdog. But I still cheer Team USA, too.

So tonight when Katie Hoff came so close to getting the gold and barely missed and got the silver, I was bummed. (and sort of wanted to slap the smile off the winner--told you NOT GOOD I really am a nice person)

But I was thrilled when the men's relay team pulled through at the last second to win. So yeah. I bet the French wanted to slap the smiles off the Americans faces.

Ha. This is why I don't watch sports. I get a little too into it. ;)


Anonymous said...

Wasn't that race (men's relay) unbelievable?!! I was jumping up and down cheering. I am SO not that girl. I hardly ever watch sports, but this men's swimming has been so much fun to watch.

Thomas said...

I wonder if I am seeing a certain soft rock star influence here.

I find that I am not rooting as much for the USA as I am rooting for certain underdogs.


Anonymous said...

Haha...I'm not really into sports, but I get the same way. It's like "us" versus everyone else. I want us to have so many medals. It's so silly.

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