Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What Will They Come Out With Next...??

The only downside is that it doesn't taste much like candy corn. I'm not really sure what it tastes like, but it was a good effort, especially since the little kisses are colored just like candy corn! Super cute, but I suppose if I want candy corn, I'll just eat candy corn!


~ jen ~ said...

Thanks for saving me from a bad purchase! I've walked past these "hybrid" candies, and almost bought a bag on my latest trip to Target.

Sometimes, when one takes two of one's most favorite things, and combines them, it can be a wonderful combo (think Reese's pb cups). This, perhaps, is one of those times when you should leave one's two favorite things, and leave them separate.

Candy Corns rock!!! I eat them year round now, like an old lady, or at least like I think old ladies do...(?)

Amy said...

hybrid candies, I love it!

ha, I got these at Target!

I love candy corn, too. I don't eat them year round, but I more than make up for that at Halloween time every year!

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