Friday, May 18, 2007

Las Vegas

Have you ever been? What do you recommend to do there? (besides gamble)


~ jen ~ said...

I've never know this about me.... But Steph and Brian went last year, and said it was neat to see ONCE, and only once. They didn't gamble at all, either, and still had a good time, but said they couldn't see going back.

Chaotic Hammer said...

I went during a family vacation when I was about 16 years old. Visually stunning, lots of bright lights and amazing sights to see, a roller coaster on top of a building, entertainment, light shows, lots of eye candy and razzle-dazzle, etc.

When I was older, I did go several times to Lake Tahoe and Reno (but that was for skiing or business, not gambling or vacation), which are both tiny microcosms of the same concept. And I'd have to agree with Jen's friends -- I just don't know what is so special about such a place that you'd need to see it more than once.

Gambling is a cheesy novelty to most people, or a serious and destructive addiction to others. The whole "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" campaign is pretty blunt about hinting that the primary usefulness of the place is to indulge in some sort of naughty or shameful activity and then return to your normal, boring life and pretend like it never happened.

I don't know. Maybe somebody else will tell you it's the greatest thing ever, and will have great ideas about what to do while you're there.

Amy said...

It's funny, because I'm going with a friend that's coming over from Japan. She loves to gamble and has been before. (even though she's Australian) I don't care about gambling and haven't been, despite it's proximity. I wanted to see Celine but the tickets are a bit out of my price range.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Vegas can definitely get pricey (especially for a gambler). But I think most of the casinos there have these great all-you-can-eat buffets for about $10 or less. We've always enjoyed those immensely (in Tahoe and Reno, but I think Vegas has them too).

I think the idea is to get you into the casino and into a good mood, and they deliberately put the restaurant right in the middle of the building, so you have to walk past miles and miles of slot machines and tables. They probably expect (and are probably right) that most people will figure they just saved a bunch of money on dinner, so why not stop and play a few games on the way out... then they've gotcha.

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