Monday, May 21, 2007

All Creatures of our God and King

Have you seen the movie Happy Feet?

I watched it a few weeks ago and it tugged at my heart in a similar way the book Unspoken by Angela Hunt did.

I love it when a book or movie helps me to appreciate the world a little more or see it with different eyes. I mean, I've always loved animals. They are after all so very cute and clever and sometimes so beautiful. But I guess I never really stopped to think about how intricately designed their worlds are. Gorillas actually have an amazing ability to communicate if trained properly. Elephants grieve their lost ones. It's amazing really!

Because God put man in charge of animals so to say, I think it's rather easy to forget they are his creation as well. And He's aware of them. And they deserve respect. I'm not saying you can't kill the rat that wanders into your home. But these amazing creatures (not rats, the other animals!) have suffered greatly at our hand. The part where that penguin has the six-pack ring around his neck and he's choking in Happy Feet is downright heartbreaking.

What are your thoughts on animals? Have you seen any of that Planet Earth series? Do you think we should be more concerned about animals or do you cringe at even the thought?


ldperez said...

I just want a dog!! But I have to wait until my kiddos are a bit bigger. Or at least Annelise. I can't have a dog barking and waking her up out of her nap. But I want one!
Oh - I've never seen Happy Feet but Marco and our two older girls really liked it. I still haven't even seen March of the Penguins but I really want to. I find animals fascinating as well. In fact, I just finished reading Black Beauty to the girls and that is a really good book. It definitely has an "agenda" against animal cruelty. We all learned a lot reading it.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Interesting subject. I have not seen Happy Feet, but I have seen March of the Penguins, and I've seen most of the Planet Earth series (in HD, and it's breathtaking).

Seeing these will inevitably make one think more carefully about animals, and many other wonders of the intricate and amazing world in which we live.

A bit of a confession: I've mostly leaned to the conservative side politically, and have been known to make fun of tree-huggers and animal-rights people. I think there is such thing as taking that stuff too far, and I don't agree that animals are equal to people.

BUT (and this is a big but) I have certainly softened my stance a lot over the years, when it comes to the creatures that God has given us stewardship over. I grew up with all manner of pets, and have taken in many strays (and have supported a stray animal rescue organization in California for many years). Senseless cruelty and inhumane treatment is absolutely unacceptable, in any context.

It's a little tough to find balance on this one, as far as using resources for a particular cause. With as many poor and starving humans as there are in the world, how much should be spent in trying to help animals? Many animals in the U.S. are treated far better than the children in much of the world. It's difficult to rationalize that. There are no easy answers to this stuff.

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