Friday, March 16, 2007

Training Week...Finished

I'm exhausted. I've just finished the re-certification week or training week for my program. It's an annual event, but when the trainer is here, it feels like it was just yesterday they were last here.
Most sites have multiple tutors, I am the sole focus here. I normally have a few spare minutes between sessions, not so when a talkative trainer is here. I feel worn out.

So that's why this week has been low on blogs. I have more to say, but I need more time to write it all out, so for now I'll just say...



~ jen ~ said...

I was wondering...but then again, I've not blogged in a while, either. And yes, Fridays are great, if it is in fact the end of YOUR work week. My "week-end" is usually on Monday and Tuesday. Nice to go run errands and have no one to compete with on the roads, or in line somewhere (unless its the post office, but I try to never have to go THERE).

Take a breather, and be patient for my next update....

ldperez said...

yeah for you that you are done with that week! hope this week is going much better!

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