Friday, March 9, 2007


I would just like to point out that if you get a mega drink at KFC, it is a half gallon drink. So just in case you were feeling extra thirsty and wanted a large.....well, it's called mega for a reason. And there is no possible way it will into your cup holder. And when you, that's really mega, the cashier will nod and roll her eyes.


euphrony said...

Half-gallon? Sweet! During the course of my day, I drink upwards of twice that of diet colas. I do ballance with equal amounts of water, but as you may guess I'm a heavy drinker of fluids.

~ jen ~ said...

Just thinking about that much to drink doled out in one serving makes me have to go to the bathroom. Whoa! MEGA, indeed!

Chaotic Hammer said...

Holy bursted bladder, Batman! That's a lot of liquid, of any kind, for one sitting.

I consider myself a reasonably healthy eater/drinker, and consume water almost exclusively. But I'm pretty sure that if you total up all the water I drink in a full day, it's only a little over a half-gallon.

No wonder people end up with kidney stones and caffeine overload. And that's a lot of sugar and calories too, if you're having a regular soda that big. Wow.

Amy said...

ha, I constantly have to have something to drink. I drink a lot of water and a lot of diet cola as well....but well, this one was HUGE!

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