Sunday, September 25, 2016

Watch Pitch!

Fall TV began last week and a lot of new shows aired. Lucky for me, I have really liked the three I was most looking forward to: Pitch, The Exorcist, and The Good Place. Unlucky for me, both Pitch and The Exorcist had less than ideal ratings, especially Pitch.

Pitch is a show about the first female pitcher in the MLB. It's fiction, the MLB hasn't had a female pitcher. But it's an interesting show that MLB worked with and that lends it a very authentic feel. But it's also a fun show with fun characters, I was surprised when the 42 minutes was up! And it feels fresh and different from anything else on TV at the moment. It's worth watching.

The Exorcist has an incredible aesthetic and creepy vibe. It's not a remake of the book/movie's plot, but rather a continuation. And I think it will wrestle with issues of faith and doubt. (I don't know why demonic possession is the popular way to do that nowadays but alas). I realize this is much less likely to be appealing to everyone, but I do think horror fans should check it out.

So, if you are so inclined, will you check these shows out? They need viewer support to last. For me, Pitch is a dream show and I simply can't stand the thought it could be over before it even really begins.

Watch The Exorcist
Watch Pitch


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