Thursday, September 8, 2016

The American Girl by Kate Horsley

Stories of things going amiss with study abroad students is always an intriguing premise for a story and The American Girl has an interesting angle with an eager journalist and study abroad student found in a coma. Molly, a reporter, is interested in the story and makes the trip to see what she can find out. She sort of stumbles into a lie about being Quinn (the American student's) aunt and comes much closer to the case than she expected.

I sort of wondered if this lie would last the whole book, if Quinn would always be in a coma but those things don't happen. The pace of the story moves along briskly while the tale is told between alternating past and present. Quinn can't remember the events that led up to her landing in a coma, but she does remember some things. She video blogged and those entries slowly fill in the missing pieces as Quinn and Molly investigate the mysterious town and deal with law enforcement.

This is a solid thriller with a slightly unusual premise. I enjoyed it!

I received a review copy from the publisher.


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