Monday, September 5, 2016

R.I.P Signup Post (aka yessss it's finally here)

It's truly the most wonderful time of year guys! Well, September is a little bit of a "pre-most Wonderful time of year" but the last four months of the year are my favorite. There are of course all the holidays, post-season baseball, the figure skating grand prix season, the theoretically cooler weather, the best food of the year, fall TV, and of course the lead up Halloween where we can indulge our horror loving selves.

R.I.P. has to be one of the first bookish community events I remember and since I have time once again to read (via audiobook admittedly) I am signing up!

I will go for broke and try to Peril the 1st and read four books as well watch spooky movies which I do all the time anyway.

So then! My goals:

The Apartment by S.L Grey
The Troop by Nick Cutter
The Darkest Secret by Alex Marwood

And probably many more, I'm just drawing a blank while trying to think of options!

As far as movies go, I'd like to revisit all of Scott Derrickson's horror movies (yes I know he's the director of the white washed Dr. Strange but I have long been a fan of his horror movies), The Blair Witch Project (both the old one and the new one, yesssss), The Conjuring 1&2, and whatever else I possibly can! In TV, I am very much looking forward to the small screen version of The Exorcist which starts in September.


I hope everyone else is signing up too, or at least planning on covering spooky things because it's finally here! :)


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