Sunday, September 18, 2016

Random Sunday Chatting!

So you may have noticed I'm finally posting on a more regular basis again which feels great. I don't know exactly why it took so long to happen, I've been reading a lot so there isn't a shortage of books to review, but I just sort of fell out the habit. I want to get back in it, though, so thanks to all the kind people who have commented, I'm thrilled some of you are still out there!

The internet is so different and no less demanding than it was in the busiest days of my blogging....there's snapchat, instagram, twitter, etc not to mention writing and commenting and thinking, etc. I also find it feels more hostile than it used to which is part of the problem overall in jumping back in. Of course, I wasn't absent, I just wasn't public in those places. And writing a blog where I need to talk about my own impressions and thoughts in a place where people are so quick to tell you why you are wrong for them is...well it took consideration. Is this still something I want to do? And I think yes. I don't mean to be all doom and gloom, I just feel there is a decided lack of "squee" these days or maybe it's my age.

Like, the other day the lovely Jodie asked for recommendations of media people were enjoying and I realized recommendations themselves are quite hard now. I feel so many qualifiers to the stuff I enjoy. I loved this but it might be too sappy for you or it might be too scary or too sexist or too unrealistic. And of course this was ALWAYS a thing, but I think it's increased as the sheer exposure to things we might enjoy has increased. There's SO MUCH, so much TV, so many movies, so many books. We have unprecedented access to things we might like which makes, I think, our general tolerance for things that take a while or things that don't meet our expectations much thinner.

Anyway, just some thoughts (or excuses???)!

I was excited to learn that Sara Zarr's Story of a Girl movie is actually being made and Kyra Sedgwick is the director!

Fall TV starts this week and I am excited! The show I am most looking forward to is Pitch--first female pitcher in the MLB! Should be good! I am also looking forward to small screen horror The Exorcist,Kristen Bell's new comedy, The Good Place, and later on some shows like Falling Water, Timeless, Channel Zero, and for returning shows, I am of course looking forward to The Walking Dead.

I still want to see several fall movies, but I'm so disappointed A Monster Calls has been pushed back to after Christmas! Hopefully, it will serve the film well.

How about you guys? What are you looking forward to this year? What's on your plate? Looking forward to hopefully cooler weather soon?


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