Sunday, May 17, 2015


What are you all up to these days?

BEA is coming up! Are many of you going? Is there still a book blogger con? Are they charging bloggers to attend this year?

That's how out of it I am on the wider book blogging world. I was trying to figure out why I feel so disconnected lately apart from the usual life stuff and I don't really know. Maybe it's because I can't read at quite the pace I used to be able to. Or just because I have other interests and indulging those interests meant taking time away from books and blogging which is hard when you have limited time. Some of it was of course intentional disconnection I had to do for myself.

And then, there was the realization the other day that I feel like everyone is talking about comics all the time? Like, when I do find time to hop on bookish twitter (I need to organize a better list for this tbh) I feel like everyone's raving over this and that comic. I...don't read many comics despite it being a goal. I find them very expensive and I don't use the library for reasons I've outlined before. I think I missed when and how comics became so popular. It makes sense in a lot of ways since comics based movies and TV shows are all the rage. It's just surprising!

Anyway, there's a long weekend next week! Anyone have any plans?


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