Sunday, May 3, 2015

A TV update!

I haven't written about what I've been watching in forever, I totally abandoned The Walking Dead recaps and everything! I've actually been watching what feels like a lot less, but I guess still equates to a lot. Also, I have some ideas for longer posts, but those should all go over on my TV blog with Jodie! Anyway, I'm trying to force myself to get back into a regular writing habit, so here goes!

Bates Motel--I already wrote about Norma, but man I really can't say enough good things about the show this season. I'm really loving it. The show is really starting to place elements of the film that are so iconic and having watched the show for a few seasons, there's a tremendous satisfaction in seeing how everything is developing. The acting is also top notch, both Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore deserve a lot of credit for breathing so much life into these characters and making them seem so real. And I will never tire of singing the show's praises on the depiction of the cyclical nature of abuse and how thorny and complicated these relationships are. It simply wouldn't work if they didn't get it, but they get it so much.

Better Call Saul--this one surprised me so much. I always liked Breaking Bad, but it was much more of a cerebral show, while Better Call Saul is much more of an emotional show. The first episode was dull as dirt, but it picked up after that. It managed to be funny and heartbreaking all at once, and like a review I read recently, we laugh to keep from crying. Yes, life. Saul (Jimmy on the show) has the worst luck, despite his best efforts to do right everything works against him. Watching that struggle (knowing how he ultimately ends up) is strangely riveting. And the backstory you get for him and also Mike, is just, heartbreaking. Really loved the show, tbh, it shocked me that I did. I didn't even really want to watch it much! So it's a good example of how something can surprise you!

The Americans--There aren't words for how smart and compelling this show is. It doesn't shy away from its awful subject matter, and it made me cry on occasion this season in unexpected places. Also, they aren't playing around, MAJOR revelations happened and the way those consequences played out was unpredictable and sticky, just like in real life and war. I loved the show's narrative about idealism and fanaticism, and the intentional parallel between the Jennings commitment to their cause and their daughter's growing attachment to faith. Just excellent. This show is uncomfortable to watch for a lot of reasons, but it's worth it.

Grimm--this show has been really exciting to me this season with the development of Juliette becoming a hexenbeist. I just love it. Also, there's been lots of Adalind, which I love. It's such a...I don't know how to say it, kind of goofy show (which I like--it makes me laugh), but the storyline right now is just aces. So good.

I'm also still watching The Originals (though behind) and I've watched a few episodes of iZombie (yay!) Also, I loved the finale of The Walking Dead, and while the last few episodes gave me angst, because I hate when the show wants to say Rick=Shane, I've made my peace with it, lol.

I'm looking forward to summer TV, tbh. I always like it because it's like all the shows that didn't make it during the year and there's usually something I'll like. Also, Fear the Walking Dead will be coming on! So pumped for that, tbh.

How about you guys? What are you watching?


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