Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford

This past Christmas, I was excited to bring my ereader on vacation. I only packed a few hard copies of books and was looking forward to having so many choices at my fingertips. And then when I got to my brother's place, I realized I had brought the wrong charger. No one had a spare, and I was sad. It put me seriously behind on reviewing and reading! I did happen to bring The Pocket Wife with me, but I had to save it for the flight home! Even saving it, I finished it long before the flight ended, sigh.

The reason why I chose to save this book and why I must have felt compelled to bring it is because it's a thriller. There's a mystery at the heart of it and those are the kinds of stories I usually get engrossed in quickly. And I did get into the book pretty well. It has a really interesting premise...Dana was the last person to see her friend alive, but she doesn't remember the details. Her friend was murdered and she's obviously a suspect since she was the last person to see her. And since she has trouble remembering what happened, she has all this suspect behavior to account for.

The book is fairly quick paced and probes questions about criminal investigations and the mentally ill. I read it one sitting, obviously, because I was on the plane. There are some surprises, but I don't remember feeling genuinely shocked by anything that happened in the book. Even so, it was a good read, a worthy one, and definitely one for anyone who likes thrillers with unique premises!

There's also an interesting cat and an unlikely romance!

I received a copy for review from the publisher.


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